The tale of two gallant dogs




Instead of writing about politicians running for highest offices of the land who does nothing but snarl at one another like rabid dogs to get public attention and gain their votes, this time I shall be writing about two gallant dogs that appear more sensible and judicious in their mission deserving of the public’s attention, appreciation and commendation more than the politicians we have going around.

First, is a yellow Labrador named Dayko who perished from sheer exhaustion after leading a rescue team find seven people trapped in the rubble of a powerful and devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the city of Pedarnales in Ecuador not too long ago.

Considered a hero now, the 4-year-old Dayko worked as a rescue dog with the city’s fire department.

It was reported that the gallant dog suddenly collapsed during search operations and eventually died from “massive coronary myocardial infarction and acute respiratory failure”.



Second, is about a German Shepherd named Maxx who was also declared a hero in a separate incident, this after the courageous pet dog helped the firefighters locate his master’s two young kids, a four-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl when the family home in Orlando, Florida caught fire. Neighbors phoned 911 after  they saw the residence of Margo Feaser starting to burn

The injured family members were brought to the hospital for treatment. Maxx was separately treated for smoke inhalation.

Sometimes one can’t help but entertain thoughts about intelligent and trained dogs being more reliable and concern about people than politicians are.

Let me know what you think

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