Duterte now main target from other presidentiables


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Nobody will refute that, and for a reason!

Latest opinion polls on preferred presidential candidate shows Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte now leading the pack and the way it looks it is gaining momentum by the day.

This momentum are expressed not only by local politicians turning their coats for political convenience  or expediency, but by the number of people from all walks of life and different ages offering to volunteer in any shape, manner and form for Duterte to emerge the winner in the May presidential election.

This is one collective movement of the people noticed all over the country that are inspired and motivated in helping Duterte’s candidacy because they believe in the latter’s capability and competence to effect positive changes in governance – as promised.

“We have been seeing old issues being resurrected with more intensity,” said Leoncio Evasco, Duterte’s national campaign manager. “The vilification campaign against Mayor Duterte will reach new heights now that he has taken the lead in voter preference.”

“Having overtaken them in surveys, they now find themselves trailing and they want to pull us down by throwing everything imaginable at the Davao City mayor — all of them not flattering,” he added.

Nobody seems presidential anymore, including Duterte, in their campaigns. The name calling has overshadowed the real issues that has been subject of debate and should continue to be addressed.

But this is Philippine politics and the more colorful description one candidate uses against another always have the edge to be voted upon.

Personal attacks, however, is just a side dish in attracting votes. It makes the candidate appear to be tough and exuding in machismo as a leader, but the people can no longer be fooled. They know who is who.

There is no amount of ratcheting up the attacks against their target, Duterte, by his presidential rivals, will change the minds of most Filipinos now.

Nothing is more important now for the people than to have a leader who has a clear mission and vision in fighting corruption, drugs and criminality.

Dealing with these problems with impunity will pave the way for a better Philippines.


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