Electing vice president more important in 2016 national elections


election posterI used to think and believe that electing the next president in May 2016 national elections was the most important task that the Filipino electorate has to face.

The reason for this is because I was afraid that Vice President Jejomar Binay, who was then leading in all poll surveys among the presidentiables, would continue the trend to this day and eventually elected to succeed President Aquino.

Well, not anymore, thank goodness! Binay is no longer leading.

It looks like the people has awaken and has come to realize who Binay is and what a calamity it would be for the country by allowing it to retrogress with him and the Binay dynasty leading the nation.

Anybody but Binay, and this seems to be the mantra now being chanted by many Filipinos, thus, making most of us comfortable that whether it is Duterte or Poe or Roxas who wins, anyone one of them will try to sustain, if not make better, the positive economic growth/development and reforms that Aquino has initiated without being labeled corrupt, because none of them is.

Considering therefore that a six-year term for a president is a very short one for a competent head of state, the importance of the 2016 national elections now focuses on who we should be electing as vice president.

I really should not be worrying much if the name Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was not among the candidates for vice president, but the fact is that he is, and what is worst is that he is leading in most surveys now, thanks to the young voters or whom we call the millennial generation, who, unfortunately, are totally oblivious of the past.

Thanks goodness the likes of Antonio Trillanes and Gregorio Honasan are at the bottom ranks.

If people are enamored with Francis Escudero because they like to see Heart Evangelista grace the halls of Malacañang one day, then blame it to the millions of Filipinos whose past time is watching telenovelas or soap operas.

Alan Cayetano has been mimicking Duterte in words in trying to win the vice presidency and the people know it’s all a ploy and he won’t succeed.

Leni Robredo could perhaps be the competent torch bearer to carry on the country’s progress as vice president, but why are the women voters not rallying behind her? Yet you will probably notice that among the vice presidential candidates she is the only one who has mustered the audacity to tell Marcos not to rewrite history by continuously glorifying his father’s deeds during the dark days of the martial law regime. Who is the young Marcos fooling?

And so this brings me back to Marcos’ vice presidential run and his chance of winning, which is very high.

For a son who has been old enough and very much a part of his father’s dictatorial regime that for two decades plundered the Philippines and presided over the disappearance, death or torture causing miserable life to Filipinos, yet could not have the fortitude to admit and apologize for the agonizing years his despot of a father inflicted upon his people, but rather calling it the ‘golden period for the Philippines’, he deserves nothing but condemnation and rebuke.

Until Marcos Jr. stops insulting the intelligence of Filipinos, he does not deserve to lead this country in any manner, shape and form.



2 comments on “Electing vice president more important in 2016 national elections

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