A sample of Marcos era corruption for the millennial generation


marcosThere is no more fitting criticism and condemnation, even if it is only a sample of the Marcos era corruption perpetrated by the conjugal dictatorship, among others, than to see an article being published in the national papers referring to this disreputable family who are back in power and seeking higher government positions.

What is inspiring in this article by AFP News that I am reprinting is that it tries to open up the eyes and inculcate in the minds of the millennial generation the arrogance and wickedness of the Marcoses when they were in power which the younger generation of Filipinos have failed to fully comprehend.

If living in extravagance because of ill-gotten wealth was scandalous enough, one could just imagine the atrocity, horror and misery unleashed against the disadvantaged Filipino people just so the conjugal dictatorship’s could perpetuate their evil desires.

Hopefully the millennial generation can fully grasp the sordid and painful events of the past and will learn to come to grips with reality that such incivility and pompousness does not absolve the son and namesake of the dictator, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr, who is running for vice president, from the sins of his father, and even his mother, Imelda, who is now a congresswoman representing Ilocus Norte.

I would even say here that the PCGG should expedite the auctioning of Imelda’s sequestered jewelry collection and priceless artworks or all could be back with the Marcos family if and when, God forbids, the son gets elected as vice president, and with the presidential office just a heartbeat away.

Philippines puts Marcos jewel images online to teach about graft

Philippine authorities are staging an online exhibition of jewelry owned by late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his family to try to educate a new generation about the corruption of that era.

The postings on Facebook and Twitter by the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) come as the family tries to extend its political comeback in elections in May.

“The PCGG will be posting selected jewelry items to show and remind the present generation of the excesses and extravagance of the Marcoses in their two-decade dictatorship,” the anti-corruption agency said on its website.

“The Virtual Jewelry Exhibit” began in mid-March with regular postings showcasing valuables recovered after the dictator was ousted by a military-backed popular uprising in 1986.

Aside from pictures of the jewels uploaded regularly, there are postings explaining what they cost the country.

A picture of a diamond tiara comes with the caption: “can fund… the treatment of 12,052 cases of tuberculosis.”

The PCGG, which plans eventually to auction off the Marcos jewels, has previously said that international auction houses have appraised their total value at more than a billion pesos ($21 million).

Marcos and his jet-setting wife Imelda were accused of massively enriching themselves during their years in power while the country sank deeper into poverty.

Imelda was known for her extravagance, amassing jewellery, art masterpieces and a huge collection of shoes.

Although the family fled abroad during the 1986 revolt, they were allowed to return home after the former dictator died in exile in 1989.

Since then the Marcoses have made a startling resurgence, with members not only evading criminal charges but winning election to prominent positions.

Ferdinand Marcos Jnr., previously elected to the powerful Senate, is now running for vice-president. Widow Imelda Marcos is seeking re-election to Congress and her eldest daughter Imee is running for another term as governor of the family bailiwick in the north.

Despite a campaign by victims of the Marcos regime against his candidacy, surveys show Marcos Jnr. is second in the race for the vice-presidency.

Imelda Marcos has previously said she hopes her son will eventually become president.

Critics say the generation that grew up after the Marcos years has no memory of the abuses, setting the stage for the family’s return to power.

Both Imelda and her son have long denied any wrongdoing. Spokesmen for the two could not be contacted for comment.

(For a more profound perspective that should help the millennial generation understand further what it was during the Marcos dictatorship, of which the young Marcos running for vice president is in total denial to this day, let the succeeding article be another eye-opener for the youthful electorate. – Quierosaber)


Marcos dictatorship one of PHL’s darkest periods, Ateneo profs say

Published March 2, 2016 5:18pm

A week after Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.  called on President Benigno Aquino III to let professors judge his father’s dictatorship, more than 400 members of the faculty of the Ateneo De Manila University have come up with their verdict.

In a statement entitled “We are not blind to the darkness and oppression of the Marcos years!”, the academics rejected what they called the vice presidential candidate’s “revision of history, disturbing vision of the future, and shallow call for ‘unity’.”

The teachers promised to continue to tell the stories of the brutality and corruption of the Marcos family, their closest allies, and the regime.

“For as long as we remember and share these stories, we believe that future generations of Filipinos will learn the lessons of the years of struggle leading to the overthrow of the dictatorship during those historic days of the People Power Revolution in 1986,” the professors said.

“We affirm our commitment as faculty members and formators always to teach the truth. The Marcos dictatorship should be remembered as one of the darkest periods of Philippine history,” they added.

As of 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, the statement has been signed by 412 ADMU teachers.

Marcos, the son and namesake of the late former strongman, on Friday said Aquino should let members of the academe deal with the history of the Marcos dictatorship.

He was reacting to Aquino’s remarks during the 30th anniversary of the EDSA Revolution on February 25. The President during the event recalled the instances of widespread corruption and human rights violations during the Marcos era.

“Ipaubaya natin ang kasaysayan sa mga propesor,  sa  mga nag-aaral tungkol sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. Kami hindi namin trabaho yun. Ang trabaho namin ay tingnan kung ano ba ang pangangailangan ng taong bayan ngayon,” Marcos told reporters in a campaign sortie in Pangasinan on Friday.

Aquino said the senator’s continued refusal to acknowledge the abuses committed during martial law was  an indication that the latter may follow the footstep of the late dictator.

“Kung hindi man lang niya (Marcos) makita ang mali sa ginawa ng kanilang pamilya, paano tayo aasang hindi niya ito uulitin? Ang akin nga, thank you na lang, dahil kahit papaano nagpakatotoo ka sa pagpapakitang handa kang tularan ang iyong ama,” Aquino said.

Amid claims that the Marcos’ years were marked by economic gains, the Atenean educators pointed out that regime’s economics of debt-driven growth was disastrous for the Philippines.

It added that the regime was not interested in inclusive development, long-term state-building and genuine social transformation of the country, even with its “New Society” rhetoric

“Instead, Marcos was mainly concerned with perpetuating his personal hold on power by favoring family members, friends, and other cronies. Thus, Marcos simply created new elites or “oligarchs” rather than abolish them — supposedly one of his main justifications for declaring martial law,” the statement read.

“Those who dared challenge the regime’s monopoly on power, whether politicians, business people, political activists, organized labor, peasants or urban poor, Church workers, students — young or old, rich or poor — were intimidated, imprisoned, kidnapped, tortured or summarily executed,” it added.

The professors called on the senator to stick to the truth as regards history.

“Ginoong Marcos, mga pinunong tapat sa katotohanan ng kasaysayan ang siyang kailangan ng taong bayan ngayon,” the Atenean educators said. -NB, GMA News



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