Being presidential not key in winning presidency


Presidential candidates Poe, Binay, Duterte and Roxas.

Presidential candidates Poe, Binay, Duterte and Roxas.

I do not know how the third and last presidential debate to be held in Luzon will evolve, but if the first and second debates, held in Mindanao and Visayas, respectively, are any indication then we can say with certainty that being presidential in manner, appearance and eloquence do not count much in choosing someone to be the country’s leader.

Of course there is nothing more unpresidential than for someone to be running for the presidency with a baggage full of corruption charges, but still having the gall to getting himself elected.

It is bad enough that Vice president Jejomar Binay carry this disreputable image about him, but the demeanor he showed during the debate in Cebu City speaks volume of his dubious character as if trying to insinuate that the other candidates are no different from him and his ilk.

I would like to think that Sen. Grace Poe and former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas were presidential in all respect, given the circumstances, but who can beat Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s antics and use of excruciating words against Roxas knowing that that is what the audience/crowd wants to hear!

Calling Roxas in public ‘pretentious’, a ‘moron’ and a ‘know-nothing’ is simply unpresidential for it is no longer issues of concern relative to the country’s existence that is being debated, but rather debasing an opponent’s persona.

That Roxas and Poe purported Binay to be corrupt is par for the course for it is an issue that is already being investigated and known by the people, but still an issue that should have been dealt with objectively and not subjectively.

But that is who we are and what we want to see and hear.

One can expect then that whoever makes people cheer and laugh, carries a big stick and shows chutzpah, he will surely be the country’s next leader!



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