Pacquiao and his stupid gay couples’ remarks


Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao

Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao

If the backlash that boxing champion and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao is reaping is mounting by the day from both the gay and straight communities for his stupid and irresponsible remarks about the union of gays as “worse than animals”, I hope it continues and culminates in his defeat during the May elections where he is vying for a senatorial seat.

I have said it so many times in the past that Pacquiao does not possess the intelligence and the competence that will make him an effective lawmaker in the upper house. He has nothing to crow about his performance in the lower house, so what makes him think that he is now adequately fit to craft laws in the senate?

Pacquiao’s recent and most unfortunate remarks comparing gays to animals in their sexual orientation only shows how politically shortsighted he is and how socially idiotic his idea is about gay people.

It is very lamentable indeed that despite being a changed man, as he claims he is because of his religious fervor, he is showing instead utter bigotry by looking only at gay people’s sexual preferences and not on the overall aspect of gay individuals – their educational background, their achievements and the their contribution to society, etc.

As a boxer Pacquiao may have reached the pinnacle of his career many times over, but as a person and a member of the human society he has to learn to respect the oddities of the human being.

Even Pope Francis recognizes the existence of gay people in the world and never made judgment on their person as Pacquiao did adversely.

There is no doubt that Pacquiao’s knowledge and interpretation of the Bible is faulty at best, and at worst, superficial.

This is the same kind of acumen Pacquaio is going to bring to the senate if he wins – God forbids.

What a shame!


3 comments on “Pacquiao and his stupid gay couples’ remarks

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  2. js says:

    In fairness to Pacquiao, as I am not his supporter, base on biblical principles and moral values, pacquiao is entitled to his personal opinion based on his belief. Pacquiao’s opinion does not pose present imminent danger to the people which the authority must have the right to prevent the evil it may have. He has, like every Filipino citizen, the freedom of expression which is constitutionally granted. If it offends the senses of those who may be affected then they have the right to react violently if they wish to. The truth is bitter but what pacquiao has uttered has basis in fact and is Biblicaly true. Leviticus 18:22 says: “Thou shalt not lie (have sex) with mankind (fellow male), as with womankind: it is abomination.” The Bible is explicit with this evil. What is abomination? It is loathsome even to think of it! So filthy! Our supreme law of the land, the 1987 Phil Constitution has provisions taken from the Bible particularly the “due process clause” which had been adopted from the book of Genesis 3:9: “And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?” the origin of “due process clause” which means that no individual, filipino or alien, shall be deprived of life, of liberty, or of property without requiring anyone to explain and defending himself before the Authority. If Congress will pass a bill and signed into law by the chief Executive just to accommodate the wishes of lgbt then it is unconstitutional since the law requires that only a man and a woman shall have the right, both legal and natural, to be married under our civil code. You may clarify this further with experts in Constitutional law. Well, in the case of lgbt, that is their choice to be LGBT. It must be respected so long it will not pose danger to public morals of society, particularly the youth, or else this nation will suffer the same fate like the fate of Sodom and Gomorah. I cannot imagine if the abominable practices of lgbt is to be sanctioned with great favor and to be vested with legal rights under the nostrils of our 1987 Constitution. We have to remember that our fundamental law was ordained in righteousness, justice, and truth. So, all laws that Congress may pass shall be in accord with the fundamental law of the land. In Russia, Pres. Putin was quick to stamp out the influence of LGBT to protect the youth. Anything gay in Russia is suppressed under Pres. Putin. Even in the U.S now there has been varying opinions whether to recognize or not the same sex marriage. There were courts that reversed the once favorable ruling in their (lgbt) favor.

    • quierosaber says:

      Thanks. i thought I already lost you. As usual I always enjoy reading your opinion and gain insights. My only issue with this odd group is their penchant of using the word ‘marriage’ to define the union similar sexes too. They can look for another term that will suitably describe their tie-up and that will be fine with me.

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