Minion visits PCMC


pcmcThis is actually an e-mail I received from my daughter, Angie, that I am sharing with you. She works with Kythe Foundation, Inc., a non-profit, non-stock organization aimed towards improving the quality of life among hospitalized children with cancer and other chronic illness ( Angie is a Certified Specialist in Counseling and Developmental Pyschology, and concurrently Kythe’s Child Life Program Manager.

The reason why I am sharing this with you is for you to know and feel that life can sometimes be unfair to those who are already suffering, yet, unbelievably and with God’s grace, the victims and their love ones still continue to possess the courage, determination and the hope that their misfortune can be reversed.

This is just one of the many agonizing stories we hear from Angie, who, despite the anguish she also goes through, continues to be passionate in her work just so these kids can get the assurance that they are taken care of and that life could get better – God willing.

Minion mascot custume

Minion mascot custume

wanted to share this with you.

i was sitting early morning with 2 patients a couple weeks back outside the treatment room in PCMC (Philippine Childrem’s Medical Center) and i got to talking to this 13yo boy and his brother. the 13yo patient has AML, a very aggressive form of leukaemia which generally wins the battle. The kuya gave me this background: their father was shot, hitting the spine and made him bed ridden for 11years before passing away late 2014. In March 2015, Joshua, the 13yo, was diagnosed with AML and it steadily progressed. he relapsed and a very strong chemo protocol might actually do more harm than good. so they opted not to do strong chemo anymore and do comfort/ palliative care instead. In June 2015, their other brother, a special child, was diagnosed with a nephro illness and now does 2x/wk dialysis. their mother works in a factory, sewing, as she can’t handle the stress, the emotional turmoil of seeing her sons sick. so the older brother takes care of them, sewing on the side and selling masks to children and their parents in the hospital. when we got to talking, he mentioned how he sewed a minions mascot and he wanted to bring it to pcmc to make children happy. i linked him with our coordinator to ensure he gets the chance, without any paper work and trouble. and look… he did it. despite the hardships he and his family face, he still has it in him to spread cheer to the children in the hospital. this is what a good human being is made of.
pap, that day i talked to them, i made sure they were given roundtrip
pamasahe (cavite) and a little extra from your monthly donation. just to show
that there is never anything as “too little” when it comes to giving as it is still something to others.

(Too bad that the politician’s PDAF or pork barrel allocation has already been stopped for, indeed, this is one Foundation that deserves to be earnestly supported and funded. These innocent children are worthy of our help. – Quierosaber)

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