Uncertainty after 2016 presidential election


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Davao City Mayor and presidential candidate  Rodrigo Duterte

Truth to tell I am really losing the urge to write these days.

Losing hope? Not really. Just feeling a bit indifferent.

Witnessing the way the presidential race is evolving is disturbing as it is frightening.

As much as we all want good things to happen, as a sustainable development for the country’s progress after President Aquino steps down, we seem to be predicting instead uncertainties and feeling anxiety about the future of the country.

Based on who they are as a person and a politician we can seem to predict where presidential candidates Mar Roxas, Grace Poe and even Jejomar Binay is taking the country should one of them wins.

I don’t think anyone of them will deviate much from the path Aquino has steered the country, which has gained the respect and support from the leaders of the free world. One cannot deny, however, that if Binay wins, his and his family’s corruptibility will enhance and flourish further, but for as long as the quality of life of the poor improves, nobody will give a hoot, as Filipinos are wont to do.

But the same cannot be said of Rodrigo Duterte, who seems to be unpredictable in his thoughts and deeds, if he ever wins the presidency.

It is not about his strong advocacy for Federalism, but rather his penchant of mouthing threats of adverse action if and when he won’t get what he wants.

Take for instance the report saying that during a special joint meeting of Rotary Club of Makati and Manila, Duterte issued the following statement: “If you threatened me with impeachment and create a constitutional crisis, I will be forced to declare a revolutionary government,”

Duterte was referring to conflicting views between the Executive and Legislative departments, should it happen in his presidency.

Fighting corruption, going after criminals of all kinds and securing peace and stability is what the country wants of Duterte to do with certainty as this is the reputation that has made him fearless and popular and, thus, the clamor for many to make him president.

But, it is Duterte’s unpredictability, bordering on despotism or dictatorship that bothers me, as he has no qualms of declaring Martial Law if he won’t get his way politically.

This is the uncertainty I fear most if Duterte wins in 2016 and sometime in the future he loses his head and becomes a mad man governing the country.

Let me know what you think

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