Season’s Greetings!

starsThis is one of those times when I gladly have to give up my seat to my grandchildren, who, no doubt, will take turns using the computer for their own individual entertainment when they come visiting us for the holidays.

It is a welcome respite, nonetheless, for it also gives me quality time to bond with my children whom I seldom see because of their respective work responsibilities and who are getting older themselves, while I find myself heading towards the sunset – still actively, as yet, thanks God! What makes the journey interesting to where humanity ends up going, one time or another, is that on the way I continue making our family recipe chorizo formulation and my own version of healthy bacon (free from nitrite preservative) that I call Pinoy bacon which has become a hit to my children and my grandchildren now. I keep myself busy also making cookies like Scottish short bread, German honey cookies, Oatmeal raisin cookies, Lemon bars, Chocolate crinkles, etc. My bread pudding gets good reviews because what gives it a twist are the red berry-like limoncitos growing in our backyard. My crisco-based empanadas are also in demand by family members. Well, talking about propping up an old image! Your indulgence, please.

Not sounding melodramatic about it all, the fact is that there is no other time of the year, like Christmas and New Year, when being together as a family has more meaning in our lives.

With that said, let me convey to you all my warm and friendly wishes for the Holiday Season and a Prosperous 2016!

Happy holidays!


santa doy bongoton

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