Auction Imelda’s jewelry collection before she gets it back


Rep. Imelda Marcos

Rep. Imelda Marcos

The move by the Aquino administration to have the Bureau of Customs (BOC) and the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) work together towards auctioning off the estimated billion-dollar Imelda Marcos jewelry collection is, indeed, very pleasing to the ears of many Filipinos.

But, while it may be pleasing to the ears of many Filipinos, the announcement should be one that is distasteful, if not repulsive, for Imelda, and for a good reason – Imelda desperately wants her exotic and expensive jewelries back.

In reality, auctioning off the jewelry collection should have been done a long time ago, but, not because additional funds were needed to run the government.

It should have been disposed earlier for the simple reason that keeping it longer inside a vault will only give Imelda the hope, the chance and the evil desire to own once more her sequestered jewelry collection, if only to satisfy, yet again, her avaricious persona.

Imelda’s jewelry collection, more known as the Roumeliotes, was seized shortly after the Marcoses were ousted from power in 1986. (Check out this link:

One should not underestimate Imelda, despite her advanced age. If she has made a successful comeback in the political scene, together with her children, it is again motivated by greed.

For what else could be the reason why Imelda was pushing hard for his son, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos  to run for president? That is the position she wanted until the son overruled her and decided to run instead for vice president in 2016.

Perhaps, Imelda is crossing her fingers that she could see her son win the vice presidency while she still alive.

But time is running out for Imelda and reality is setting in.

With Divine Providence again intervening, she will never have a son and namesake of her despicable husband who would become president and she could start saying goodbye to her scandalous jewelry collection.

Good for her!

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