The perverts behind the ‘laglag bala’ scam

NAIAThe much talked about extortion scam that is happening to passengers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) who are found with a live bullet inside their luggage allegedly planted by airport personnel perverts is so enraging that one can’t help but question the competence of the NAIA management team.

Obviously competence in running the NAIA is questioned because apparently this modus operandi has been happening for quite some time now and not until the shitty scam hit the fan that the airport top honchos have started reacting to it, having the utter temerity even of denying that the ‘laglag bala’(bullet-planting) scam could happen from within the terminal.

If people are now clamoring for heads to roll among the government agency concern and airport officials for being remiss and indifferent in their jobs, one can only understand their despondency because the unsolved, long-running scam is not only giving a bad image to the country, but it could very well affect the country’s growth and development especially that the international community is now very much aware of how one can be an innocent victim.

Whoever recommended and approved the installation of a shrink-wrapping machine to totally cover a luggage and make it harder for the airport perverts to plant a bullet only show how inept these people are in their jobs.

For not wanting to step on some toes and identify the extorting perverts so passengers will not be inconvenienced, they instead came up with an idea that would just add burden and more trouble to the riding public. No doubt somebody is making money, too, while the scam remains unsolved.

It is a good idea that Justice Secretary Alfredo Benjamin Caguio has already ordered the NBI to form a Special Task Force to conduct “a thorough, in-depth, and comprehensive investigation and case build-up” on the alleged scam.

Relying on Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio A. Abaya and Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Jose Angel A. Honrado, including the latter’s airport police personnel, to solve the scam is simply inutile.

What is even a pointless scheme and purely political propaganda is the plan of Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao to give free legal assistance to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who find themselves victims of the scam, as if the problem will be solved. Not that I don’t want the OFWs to be assisted, but having a lawyer at ones beck and call is far from being the solution of stopping the scam.

Pacquiao should have used his clout and power to push for an immediate investigation, for the objective is really to put an end to this outrageous fraud committed by these airport perverts. Reasoning, and in fact blaming an innocent Filipino passenger for having a bullet as an amulet is a very idiotic excuse, for if it is so, then the bullet should be found in ones person all the time and not inside a luggage.

Unmasking the airport perverts and sacking the concerned authorities for their incompetence are the only ways that normality can be brought back to the NAIA.


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