Avoiding political plagues


Roxas-Robredo tandem

Roxas-Robredo tandem

It is only normal that people abhors diseases in any manner, shape and form becoming a plague that has possibilities of getting into the country.

Well, the more that we should all be wary now, at this point in our history, about another kind of plague that tends to destroy the recovering health of a nation that has always been known as the ‘sick man of Asia’ – the Philippines.

The country no longer deserves the moniker, and we all know that. The world community recognizes, too, how far we have recovered and progressed as a nation, thanks to the leadership of President Aquino.

But the road ahead is still very crooked, delicate and full of uncertainties that if Filipinos won’t make the right choices for a president and vice president in the 2016 elections on who could carry on the job of sustaining in making the path for growth and development straight, strong and stable, then we only have our collective stupidity to blame.

The kind of plague I am talking about that is bent on afflicting the state of the nation once again, if we are not too discerning, is political and I am generally referring to the candidacy of the presidential and vice presidential tandems, the likes of Binay-Honasan, Poe-Escudero, and Santiago-Marcos.

Binay-Honasan tandem

Binay-Honasan tandem

I know what your mind is telling you – that I am biased for the Roxas-Robredo tandem.

There is no denying that, indeed, I am, for the truth is that among the tandems it is only the Roxas-Robredo that is espousing the ‘tuwid na daan’ (straight path) advocacy of the Aquino administration that has made the difference in how we are today as a nation with corruption being gradually stumped and reforms effectively implemented.

What I am saying is that the direction President Aquino is taking this country is how the democratic world leaders had wished it should be going, thus, the respect, admiration and support we are getting from them.

Suffice to say that only those who have remained true allies of the Aquino administration and believed in the ‘tuwid na daan’ advocacy as the compelling vehicle to lead us to progress will be in a good position to continue the good work the president has started and this could only be done by Roxas-Robredo tandem.

Poe-Escudero tandem

Poe-Escudero tandem

During the presidential forum organized by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) at the Marriott Hotel in Pasay City, Vice President Jejomar Binay made this statement: “The moral problem is not corruption, the moral problem is poverty. That is what I want to face, not the fight against all these allegations, but the fight to alleviate the life of every Filipino.”

With the corruption improprieties Binay has allegedly committed, I am not surprised he made such statement. He wants to appear clean, but who is he fooling? It is like saying ‘allow me to be corrupt and I will find out what is causing poverty.’

Talking about a destructive plague! I don’t have to worry about Sen. Gregorio Honasan. I don’t think he stands any chance of winning.

Sen. Grace Poe’s experience, credibility and integrity issues are plagues in themselves, especially knowing that she is more on avenging the presidential debacle her adoptive father suffered in 2004 than anything else. But what is making their tandem ruinous is that Sen. Francis Escudero is a more virulent political plague with his impudence and arrogance.

Santiago-Marcos tandem

Santiago-Marcos tandem

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, with all the noise she is making about having conquered the Big C, appears sickly than ever. But what makes her candidacy a menacing plague is that she had the rudeness to choose Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos to be her running mate, which to me is rubbing salt to the still open wounds of many Filipinos who suffered under his father’s dictatorial regime.

I had been very critical of the Santiago-Marcos tandem which to me is a sinister partnership that will only destroy the future growth and development of the country. Indeed a dangerous and deadly political plague the tandem is.

(For more on why we should avoid the possibility of Marcos succeeding Santiago sooner than later, let me invite you to go to this link: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/735198/bongbong-marcos-haughty-and-utterly-arrogant-atom).

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