The ominous Santiago-Marcos tandem

Senators Miriam Defensor Santiago and Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Senators Miriam Defensor Santiago and Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

As early as now one can already deduce what it would be like for the country and the people if, God forbids, the tandem of Senators Miriam Defensor Santiago and Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos will get elected in 2016 national elections.

I am saying this because of recent election-related development where Miriam, after claiming that she has survived Stage 4 lung cancer, refused to heed the request of a physician and a psychologist, Dr. Sylvia Estrada Claudio, to release her medical records so the voting public will know for sure whether or not she is totally healthy to take the arduous job of the presidency, which she is aspiring for.

If people are clamoring for an honest and transparent government, then so, too, should we have a truthful and explicit president, after all the leadership of the nation and its people are at stake here.

It is even more important that Miriam be candid about her health issue especially now that she has chosen Marcos as her running mate.

Nobody can question Miriam with regards to law, we all know that. Her knowledge about the law and people’s constitutional rights are impeccable. But I don’t think she has to invoke her right to privacy when a medical doctor, and a psychologist at that, tells her that the chances of one diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer are bleak, referring further to a very reliable source, the American Cancer Society, stating that the percentage of patients who live at least 5 years after their Stage 4 lung cancer is diagnosed as 1%. It is just like saying that there is no more cure to a Stage 4 cancer.

I am not wishing Miriam’s early departure from this planet, for death is inevitable to everybody. It just happens that the certainty of her fate based on her prognosis makes it appear that she will be gone sooner than later and the person to succeed her, if ever, will be, alas, another misfortune for this country.

It is bad enough knowing the predicament Miriam is at now, but it is even worst contemplating that if the Santiago-Marcos tandem wins, God forbids, the presidency will be passed on a silver platter to a Marcos whose motivation is not really to serve the interest of the nation and the Filipino people, but rather to have the satisfaction of telling the Filipino people that his father, the despot, was the best president this nation has ever had, that the dictator was rather a hero than heel deserving of a burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani  and that we were all wrong in driving the Marcos family to exile.

Marcos wants the presidency badly fast that he is now telling all and sundry to respect Miriam’s call for her right to privacy. Not as astute as his father was, but the young Marcos is devious enough to consider Miriam as the fastest vehicle that would transport him to the seat of power in Malacañang.

One should only look at the face of the still living Marcos matriarch, Imelda, and he or she will be reminded of what happened during the old Marcos years.

The nation was pauperized from the plundering Marcos family when they were overthrown, but what a relief it was for the oppressed people eager to start all over again.

Let us therefore learn from a painful past where a leader sworn to protect his own people used his power to suppress the dreams and aspiration they have for better quality life and leaving stunted the the growth and development of the country for nearly 20 years.

A young Marcos’ abrupt ascension to power will only signify how stupid we are as people, as one can readily expect that his every move will be patterned after that of his father whom he idolizes so much and for which, to this day, he nor his siblings, and more so his mother, have not uttered a single word of atonement for the sin of the dictator.



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