Miriam joins presidential derby


Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago

Finally Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago declares herself a contender for the 2016 presidential derby.

After Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s declination to run for president dismayed many, what encouraging turn of event it has been to hear that Miriam is running! At least what supporters of Duterte have seen in him that made them hopeful he would run could also be seen in Miriam, except perhaps that the latter does not really look that she is in the pink of health.

There is no doubt Miriam deserves to be president, but the country, as it is now, needs someone who is physically and mentally capable of running the affairs of the nation in a day-to-day basis.

Cancer is a dreadful disease and having it diagnosed as Stage Four affecting a very delicate organ like the lungs poses really a big question mark as far as the health of a person is concern.

Miriam says she has emerged victorious against her battle with the Big C, but do all her doctors confirm her own declaration?

I am asking this question with the foremost thought that the country will be better off with a physically and mentally fit president than one, who, while running government and confronting the ills plaguing the citizens, has also serious personal concerns about her own health.

The Filipino people has really to resolve this issue about Miriam running for the presidency despite some prevailing serious health concerns for it impacts the future of the country.

If we allow this scenario to happen and, God forbids, Miriam suffers a relapse, she will not only hurt more, but government and ultimately the people, too, will be affected – unnecessarily.

It would be nice having Miriam as a leader of this country, but if she has only to pass on the baton of governance to her vice president because she is unable to perform her duties any longer in not so distant future, then why the heck should we vote for her?

Let us also remember that Miriam is so charismatic, especially among the young people and the netizens in particular, that whoever she chooses to be her nominee for vice president will have the potential to win also.

So, let us be reminded about what she said with regards to her running mate – that she has already identified him and that he is “someone who has already declared an intention to run for the second highest elective position.”

You don’t really have to consult a seer who Miriam is referring to. All you have to do is ask who among the movie stars is Miriam’s close and the name of Heart Evangelista will appear. That will surely lead you to Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero, who else?

Now, the question is: do you really want Escudero to succeed Miriam if and when she is voted president?


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