Why Marcos needed Duterte to run


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Speculations on whether or not Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will join the presidential derby have finally ended when, on the day of the filing of the Certificate of Candidacy, he declared that he was not destined to be president as many mistakenly thought he was.

Are many Filipinos disappointed?

Of course, if only because the country needed a leader of Duterte’s caliber who could be up to the task of solving corrupt practices in government, insurgency, drug-related criminality, and other of the nation’s ills the way he made Davao the prime city of the country with his toughness and political will.

But, I think the most disappointed of them all is Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos who, having announced his vice presidential candidacy, was still hoping that Duterte would run for president.

Whomever Duterte wanted to run in tandem with, had he decided to be a presidential candidate, would really not have mattered much to Marcos.

All Marcos really needed was for Duterte to run so he could have the fearless Davao mayor as an example to justify the leadership of his father, the dictator.

In a way Duterte authoritatively governed Davao City the way he saw fit – making criminals extinct by killing them.

The Commission on Human rights (CHR) has repeatedly accused Duterte of violating human rights for allegedly tolerating the vigilante group Davao Death Squad that had been linked to the summary executions, gangland-style, of suspected criminals, mostly drug suspects, in the city.

But this is how Davao City got to being named the world’s 9th safest city and the whole nation is proud of Duterte’s achievement, though he has repeatedly denied any link with the death squad and raised doubts over its existence.

So, perhaps, Marcos was thinking that like Duterte, his father, the despot, was also accused of human rights violation, and the comparison could not get any better to prop up his own candidacy and make it appear the dictatorship was good for the country and beneficial to the people.

But, somebody should remind Marcos though, that unlike Duterte, his father was not killing criminals but, rather, eliminating political foes and law abiding citizens who were simply exercising their rights and freedom against an oppressive regime.

What is even worse is that Bongbong’s mother, Imelda, participated willingly and wittingly in this conjugal endeavor of persecuting the Filipinos who were against their authoritarian rule.

At least with Duterte out of the presidential race, Bongbong will be losing much of that chutzpah he has been exhibiting lately in his sorties.

And that is good for the future of this country especially if the people realize that the Marcoses are in politics mainly for their own selfish interests of reclaiming their past glory and everything else Bongbong says about making this country great again is bullshit.

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