The diminishing worth of the Senate


Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao

Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao

What I am writing about now does not differ much from what I wrote in 2013. There is just one input I have to add after I shall have invited you, with your indulgence, to open again this link:

We will be electing once more a set of senators during the 2016 national elections and there is one celebrity who just announced his candidacy, and who I believe will surely be elected, thanks to the lack of better sense of discretion and better judgment among many Filipinos, who would go for mediocrity and inadequacy instead of intelligence and competence for such important tasks as, among other things, crafting new laws, amending existing ones, or repealing old ones and conducting investigations in aid of legislation.

I am talking of course about boxing icon and Sarangani representative Manny Pacquiao.

I am not doubting Pacquiao’s interest and motivation to serve the country, but looking at it objectively at what he does best, his background and competence, I would say that he would do better serving the country by developing the competitiveness of its sports program which we badly need for international exposure.

We know how determined, focus and disciplined Pacquiao is every time he trains for a fight. The same attributes, which have made him respected and admired the world over, can be imparted by him upon every Filipino aspiring athlete out there. This is the best and lasting legacy he could leave behind as one hero-worship by Filipinos.

Needless to say, that it is not in the realm of politics that he could continue showing is best.

Politics is not for Pacquiao, as can be seen from his stint in congress. People have seen his ineptitude and shameful performance, which simply means that Pacquiao is not cut for politics.

The reality is that his popularity, not to mention his billions of pesos, has helped him get into politics, after being nudged by morally debased fair weather friends and favor-seeking sycophants whose intention is simply to use him. He has not only become a traditional politician, but like the Binays in Makati City, Pacquiao is starting to create a formidable political dynasty in Sarangani with his wife, Jinkee, now a vice governor and a brother to run as congressman to take his place.

Now, the same kinds of friends have convinced Pacquiao to run as senator.

What a calamity for the country!

Surely, Pacquiao’s personal record does not comply nor answers the need to raise the bar of competence in the senate. On the contrary his presence adds up to the diminishing worth of the senate as an institution.

Let me know what you think

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