If it is going to be Mar-Leni for the LP, so be it


A Mar-Leni tandem in the offing.

A Mar-Leni tandem in the offing.

I once wished that former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas would step out of the box and start scouting for somebody smart, competent and trusted from the private sector to become his running mate in the 2016 presidential election.

Obviously, he hasn’t found one with the ardor, ambition and popularity to become a politician and work in government. It is really a pity that we have so many capable CEOs in the private sector who has the potential of assisting Roxas in running the government, if he wins, and can ably take over the reins of governance in his absence or when his term is over, but admittedly politics is dirty and joining it could only soil his good name and reputation.

Not only that. The highly regarded people from the private sector also know that most Filipinos have the notoriety of voting for grandstanding politicians, the rich and the popular and the infamous.

So Roxas, a disciple of President Aquino (PNoy), has no other remedy now but to go serious in convincing Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo to be his running mate because she, too, shares the same ideals and beliefs in the promotion of good governance following the straight path program and policies of the administration.

Robredo may be a politician, but she is of different breed, unlike what one sees in most of our politicians today running for public office and having ambitions for the highest positions of the land.

Robredo’s association and knowledge of her late husband’s grassroots leadership style, not to mention her being a lawyer and her outstanding achievements, even as a neophyte member of the Lower House in congress, makes her qualified as an understudy of Roxas, if both are given the mandate to led the country in 2016.

I see the Mar-Leni tandem not only as a perfect combination of honesty, integrity and competency in leading and sustaining the growth and progress the country has already achieved, but their tandem is an exemplary manifestation of the kind of politicians we ought to be having in the august chambers of Congress crafting laws.

Unlike the newly minted starry tandem of Senators Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero (Grace-Chiz), the Mar-Leni will at least minimized the flooding of the very rich and popular actors and actresses who will try to play dual roles as thespians and lawmakers, the likes of the Estradas, the Revillas, the Sottos and the Lapids.

We are not sure where the Grace-Chiz ticket will take us if they are elected, especially with the radicals in government supporting them and some running in their senatorial slate, but certainly we know where the Mar-Leni tandem is heading, and that is a consoling factor that should give every Filipino a big sigh of relief. I don’t even want to think anymore where we will end up if Vice President Jejomar Binay and whoever he chooses to be his running mate get elected, God forbids.

And so, if ultimately it is going to be a Mar-Leni tandem for the LP, then so be it and so mote it be.

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