Human rights advocate group defies Marcos

bantayogIt is very encouraging that a human rights group belonging to the Bantayog ng mga Bayani (Monument to Heroes) Foundation has come forward to confront and challenge Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to acknowledge and apologize for the alleged abuses and corruption committed by the regime of his father, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

It will be remembered that when asked, in a television interview, whether he would apologize for the abuses perpetrated during the term of his father, the young Marcos arrogantly insisted that there was nothing to apologize about. On the contrary, he sarcastically enumerated some accomplishments the late dictator has done, saying, ”Will I say sorry for the thousands and thousands of kilometers that were built? Will I say sorry for the agricultural policy that brought us to self-sufficiency in rice? Will I say sorry for the power generation? Will I say sorry for the highest literacy rate in Asia? What am I to say?”

In the same manner that I was prompted to criticize Marcos on his stand about the abuses committed during the dark days of the despot’s regime (, the foundation members also saw it fit that it was high time for the senator to concede what indeed happened during his father’s dictatorship days, especially that he has ambitions to follow his father’s political footsteps. It is not as if the perceived good deeds of his despot father gave the latter the license to commit atrocities against his own people whom he has sworn to protect.

“The extent of your parents’ crimes during the Marcos dictatorship is so extensive its accounting has yet to be completed,” the group said.

Either the Marcoses are playing dumb or they are all showing their calloused feelings all over again believing that what matters most is their own selfish interests and political ambitions and to hell with the welfare of the Filipinos as they can always be fooled, gullible as they are.

We only have ourselves to blame, but it is never too late to continue repudiating anyone of them in the same manner that the foundations members are expressing utter disgust at the senator.

It always bothers me to see the youth of today seemingly approving and idolizing Marcos. It simply shows how ignorant they are to the brutality and misery suffered by the earlier generation not too long ago, which the plundered nation continue to suffer from is consequence.

For as long as the Marcoses exist and their mother, Imelda, continues to push his son to run for president, there is a need for individuals or advocacy groups, like the Bantayog Foundation, to keep on opposing, defying and fighting against the Marcos chicanery.

We had a Marcos politician turned despot once and that is enough.

The Marcos name should be marred forever.


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