Cardinal Tagle and the three presidentiables


Vice President Binay, Cardinal Tagle, Sen. Poe, Interior Secretary Roxas and PPCRV national chairman Henrietta. de Villa

Vice President Binay, Cardinal Tagle, Sen. Poe, Interior Secretary Roxas and PPCRV national chairman de Villa

It sure was nice of Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle to invite the three personalities, Vice President Jejomar Binay, Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas II and Sen. Grace Poe, for spiritual reflection of sorts – during the campaign period and until one of them is declared the winner in the presidential race in 2016.

To me it was more like the calm before the storm.

The show of civility and harmony among the presidentiables was simply honoring the invitation of the good cardinal, and the meeting, certainly, did not result in having understanding and agreement between them that, henceforth, they will only be throwing kisses at its other and not mud.

The leadership teaching from the Bible is one thing, the reality of politics, both in the Church and the State, is another.

That Tagle reminded the presidential hopefuls of what leadership is all about, where the Bible is concerned, is to me an error of judgment for the church leadership itself is very much wanting of the presence of exemplary servant leaders among them in their hierarchy.

But, that is neither here nor there.

What I am simply saying is that, perhaps, there must have been a time during the meeting that all had agreed to observe a moment of silence to pray for their own intentions as Christians and politicians.

Except for Tagle, who probably thanked God for the occasion and wished the best person to win, I would like to think that even in the most neutral of places, like the Archdiocese of Manila in Intramuros, the three presidential contenders thought of nothing else but in praying for their own political gains and nothing about wishing each other good luck, not even thanking the Lord, through Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) national chairman, Henrietta de Villa, for arranging the invitation.

I would not doubt if Binay was asking God for Tagle to intervene and finally put to stop to the seemingly endless corruption charges being hurled at him by his Makati political foes so that he will be back on top of the rankings.

On the part of Roxas, he must have been profusely asking the Almighty to enlighten Poe to forego her presidential ambition for now and accept his offer instead to be his running mate.

As to Poe, what else would she be asking the Creator, but to stop Roxas from asking her to be his running mate, especially that that she has been able to sustain her top ranking in the presidential surveys until now, and even if she hasn’t declared yet her candidacy.

As sure as night follows day, we can all be certain that after the serene atmosphere inside the house of Tagle, the political storm will pick up strength and continue raging among the three presidentiables until it hits its peak in 2016 election day.

We will see whose prayer is God likely to answer.

Let me know what you think

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