Duterte finally turns his back at the presidency


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has announced that he no longer has ambitions in his colorful political career and, thus, finally decided that he was turning his back at the presidency.

“After consulting my family and everybody else connected to my life, I would like to categorically state now and also for the agony of those waiting for those who believe in me: hindi ako tatakbo pagkapresidente,” the mayor said.

“In 2016, I will retire from public life for good. I believe it’s no longer my time to be in politics,” Duterte said.

It keeps me wondering, though, that if Duterte was dominating in the poll surveys of preferred candidates for president, would he still be in contention?

Being number three all the time in the surveys, perhaps, did not give Duterte enough impetus and confidence that somewhere ahead he could take over the lead and be able to sustain it.

Presumably Duterte was just being realistic that without a strong political party supporting him and with limited resources to boot, it was just impossible for him to overtake and be the leading opposition candidate for president in 2016.

Duterte must have been aware also that surveys don’t lie – almost always the results shown come out to be what it is.

Social media have been a great endorser of Duterte’s candidacy, simply because of how he was able to get rid of criminality in Davao City and turned it into a premier city of the country. The longing and the ardent desire was for Duterte to duplicate his success on a larger scale that would encompass the whole country.

Unfortunately many do not subscribe to the means Duterte had been using in attaining the ends he wanted for Davao.

Duterte’s style of governance may have worked in Davao City, but applied to the whole archipelago it would be a disaster.

Duterte’s personality is unique and to a certain extent exemplary, but what good would it be for the country if having your character aped by your leaders in government will only bring chaos and anarchy in the streets because the very people imposing the law does not have the charisma of Duterte himself?

One will therefore notice that despite being acclaimed and admired as a benevolent and fearless leader in Davao City, yet he has been lagging behind Sen. Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomar Binay as the preferred leader of the country.

Duterte must have realized also at the end that his kind of personality and leadership style does not win him elections, especially if it concerns being the leader of the country, for how come a traditional politician like Poe and Binay continue to rank higher than a decisive, effective and selfless politician like Duterte?

I don’t think Duterte turned his back from the presidency because he is old and tired. Not only does he want to find himself owing some people a favor for the financial support given him should he run and lose, but most of all understanding most Filipino people’s psyche during elections is somewhat distressing and demoralizing and, perhaps, exhausting, too.

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