The political chameleon that is Binay


Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

To better appreciate why I am describing Vice President Jejomar Binay as a political chameleon, I am reprinting here an article written by one, Jun Sambalilo, on Aug. 28, 2014, and published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

VP Binay was fearless Mabini lawyer

I first met in person the then fearless Mabini lawyer Jejomar Binay a few days after Ninoy Aquino was assassinated on Aug. 21, 1983. Binay, together with fellow Mabini lawyer Rene Saguisag, was among the leading speakers condemning the killing of Ninoy on a makeshift stage at a parking lot beside the Makati Stock Exchange. Later, being a member of the youth group “Lakad Kabataan,” formed by Noynoy Aquino during the snap election campaign in 1986, I was able to brush elbows with the then opposition figures fighting against the oppressive Marcos regime.

Despite his physical appearance, being “kulang sa height and maitim,” Binay stood tall in his courage to fight the Marcos regime during the dark days of martial rule, and his loyalty to Cory Aquino during those trying times was commendable. We saw him side by side with Cory and the opposition figures blasting the dictatorship at a huge Luneta rally, enjoining the people to boycott the products of crony companies. I personally saw him in a Makati rally defending then congressional candidate Aurora Pijuan against the machinery of nemesis Imee Marcos for the lone Makati congressional seat.

My only regret is that the crusading human rights lawyer before is no longer the same Jejomar Binay we have today. From a human rights lawyer of the masses to a questionably rich politician aspiring for the highest post of the land, Binay is entrenching himself in traditional politics to keep himself in power. This is truly a case of what power can do to transform an individual. Looking at his rise to power, and his affiliation with top oppositionists tainted with corruption, can we afford a Binay presidency?

I strongly agreed with columnist Ramon Tulfo when he said he would choose a term extension for President Aquino rather than having Binay elected as our next president. It’s a pity that the masses would vote for Binay whom they perceive will work for their welfare, like the Binay he tried to portray as mayor of Makati for many years. And herein lies the problem: The intelligent voters who would reject Binay would be overwhelmed by the vast majority of masses in 2016. The wise voters know the real score, but the masses don’t. On how he enriched himself in office, together with the members of his “dynasty,” which include his wife, his mayor son, his congresswoman-daughter and senator-daughter. Now, with Binay’s caliber in patronage politics, can he do the purging of corrupt officials as P-Noy is doing now in adherence to his “daang matuwid” campaign for a better Philippines?


I had to reprint this for your perusal because the 360 degree turn that Binay recently made in seemingly applauding now the atrocities committed by the dictator Marcos during the dark days of the martial law years, with the selfish intention of having the son, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., agree to be his running mate in the 2016 presidential election smacks of pure dishonesty and fraud that he is very well known of doing.

On the pretext that he wants the country to ‘move on’ and forget the barbarism of the Marcos regime, is Binay now trying to belittle the death of the martyred Ninoy Aquino and downplay the sufferings impacted upon the Aquinos, other political adversaries and the Filipino people in general?

As a chameleon changes color according to its mood, so does Binay, from hate to love for the despot Marcos, and from love to hate against the Aquinos, President Aquino (PNoy) in particular, whom Binay has been lambasting at every opportunity he gets ever since he knew he won’t be getting PNoy’s endorsement for president.

Binay thinks he will be doing the country a favor by teaming up with Bongbong Marcos, but the people know better now who these two individuals are.

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