OVP is rated the worst among government agencies


VP Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

OVP is of course the Office of the Vice-President and the findings was the result of the 2015 Makati Business Club (MBC) Executive Outlook Survey relative to performances among government agencies.

Media reports said that survey results showed the OVP rank plunging to 64 from 33 rank in the previous 2014 survey. Its net score was negative 76.3 with dissatisfaction rating at a high of 88.1 and a satisfaction rating of11.9 only.

Whatever the essence of the survey is, the fact remains that this was an evaluation or appraisal done among business executives of the MBC who have knowledge of and keenly aware on how the different government agencies are performing and, perhaps, affecting their own respective businesses, directly or indirectly.

There could not have been a better assessment about the unfavorable performance of the OVP than what MBC executive director Peter Angelo V. Perfecto said: “Considering the huge drop from 2014, this certainly reflects the concern of businessmen over the corruption charges against the Vice President and his son, who is the mayor of Makati.”

“Corruption has always been a priority concern for doing business in the Philippines. Hence [business expects the VP, as the second-highest leader of the land], to also lead the fight against corruption and not be a party to it.”

For us, ordinary citizens, who are print media readers, radio and TV listeners/viewers and internet users, we could not agree more to Perfecto’s reckoning.

As expected this dismal performance rating given to the OVP by the MBC was frowned upon by Binay and his cohorts, and which generated a stinging reply from Joey Salgado, head of the OVP’s media affairs, directed at MBC members, saying: “With all due respect, 67 wealthy businessmen in Makati cannot represent the sentiment of our people nationwide. They cannot be expected to give a true and objective assessment of the performance of all government agencies, most especially the OVP.”

“We know for a fact that there are MBC members with long-held biases against the Vice President and his family. Then there are MBC officials like its executive director who were present at the anointment of Secretary Mar Roxas as Pnoy’s (President Benigno Aquino III’s) chosen one.”

Salgado said the MBC members have also “profited from this administration’s economic policy that embraces the rich and excludes the poor” and that they want to continue “the inequality under an administration that is pro-business.”

One will notice how politics is immediately interjected and played up.

As vice-president, what is it really that Binay did in his five years, now going six, that made an impact to the vital many Filipinos and not just the trivial few like, as Salgado claims, “serving the poor who have no money for medicines or payment in hospitals as well as families of overseas Filipino workers who have no capacity to get lawyers.”?

But aren’t all of these gestures of attending to the needs of some of the OFWs also tainted with politics with his burning ambition to become president one day, which he is actively doing now?

Or to put it more bluntly, hasn’t Binay used the OVP more on political campaigning than anything else because that is what all matters to him?

MBC’s worst-performing rating accorded to the OVP must be taken constructively and it is a signal saying that it should start proving that, as an important agency, it should do its share of complementing the presidency in nation building by helping the greater number of people attain better quality of life through example of honest, productive work by its leader and not through corrupt practices.

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