UNA spooked by foundling candidate


unaEver since Sen. Grace Poe’ popularity started soaring as the people’s preferred presidential bet in 2016 elections, Vice President Jejomar Binay and his minions in the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) have never stopped doing demolition job on Poe’s persona.

Poe was not only harshly discredited as being a foundling or an abandoned infant that has been discovered and cared for by others, but her competency was also questioned, she being assailed as inexperienced.

Not content with these cruel and malicious personal and political destruction, UNA spokesperson went further vituperating about Poe’s citizenship and issuing unflattering insinuations that she is a drunk.

Still not satisfied with the hard time they have been giving Poe, here comes another deleterious attack coming from UNA doubting whether the adoption of Poe went through the correct legal process.

Apparently, after researching for more prejudicial issues against Poe, they found out that while the latter’s birth certificate indicated her birth date as September 3, 1968, her adoptive parents, actors Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces, however, were not married at the time, having gotten married three months later yet.

One can only deduce from these, how spooked Binay and his factotums are of Poe in the 2016 presidential race, and to think that Poe has not even declared yet her candidacy.

It is simply incredible how a poor foundling who has been loved and raised to become well educated, intelligent, moral and upright person, elected senator of the realm, and now identified to be the most preferred presidential contender in surveys is striking terror into Binay’s presidential ambition!

Binay, of course, understands that whether or not Poe runs for the presidency or slides down to the vice presidency, her clout will continue to have a negative impact on his candidacy.

All these low blows that Binay and his mouthpieces have been hitting Poe are only unmasking them on how scandalous, scheming and despicable they all are and they will do everything to destroy Poe’s reputation, but fortunately to no avail.


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