Living longer for a reason

1439221101_World-War-890x395-620x330This is a moving story of a 92-year-old Italian mother who had a deep, dark secret that happened in WWII, which she kept to herself.

She was then a young woman from Novellara, a small village in northern Italy, who worked in Germany during the war and got herself pregnant by a married German soldier.

According to media reports, after she gave birth, the father’s family took the baby forcibly, named her Margot Bachmann and raised her in Germany.

Growing up the little girl was told her biological mother was Italian, but that she had died during the war.

It was in fact a lie, or a supposition, at best, for nobody in the family really knew the truth.

Bachmann, now 71, must have been longing to know more about her mother all these years, such that when her father died last year, she decided to search her through the International Tracing Service (ITS), a German center for WWII documentation.

With the help and corroboration of the Italian Red Cross, the ITS discovered that Bachmann’s mother was still alive and the two were reunited soon after.

“When I began to look into the whereabouts of my mother to find out a little more, I never imagined that I would one day be able to hug her,” Bachmann told Il Quotidiano newspaper.

“My father had forbidden me from looking for her, but after his death and thanks to the wonderful help of my own daughter, I have found her.”

Italian Red Cross spokeswoman Laura Bastianetto, who has present at the reunion, described it as “a small miracle”.

“It is rare for a mother and daughter to find each other after 71 years, it’s far more common for brothers and sisters to be reunited as there are so few World War II survivors,” she said.

Perhaps Bachmann’s mother had anticipated this to happen, that if she will not initiate finding about her daughter, that it will be her daughter trying hard looking for her, and all she had to do was live longer.

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