An alliance leading to a bottomless pit


Vice President Jejomar Binay (inset) and former president, now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Vice President Jejomar Binay (inset) and former president, now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

The impression that Vice President Jejomar Binay wants people to have about him is that he is an honest, credible and a respectable politician who wants to be elected the country’s leader in 2016.

But the problem, however, is that slowly and consistently more and more people are realizing that he is not what he is purporting to be, thus, his going down in the rankings among the preferred candidates for president in poll surveys.

Tell tale signs of Binay’s deception or hypocrisy, if you may, is that, to this day, he has not fully convinced the people that all the serious charges of corrupt practices and plunder he allegedly committed while still the mayor of Makati City are false.

Binay probably thought that staying longer as a member of President Benigno Aquino’s (PNoy) Cabinet will make people believe that he, too, was championing the ‘tuwid na daan’ (straight path) program of the president, despite being from another party, the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

PNoy being a popular president, Binay kowtowed to PNoy’s whim and caprices for five years because his ulterior motive was actually to earn PNoy’s presidential endorsement in 2016.

Sensing that that he was not going to be IT, Binay bolted from being an inspirited pro PNoy to one that has become now a rabid PNoy basher.

In so doing Binay has not only shown his Jekyll and Hyde personality, but has only confirmed to the people his self-serving interest in the presidency and how desperate he is to win it.

Thus, the latest announcement that Binay’s UNA party is going into a formal alliance with former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Lakas party only proves how and where Binay wants to bring this country – deceptively and wickedly to the bottomless pit.

Talking about birds of the same feather flocking together!

After finding ourselves now free from the hole filled with the muck of corruption following the Estrada and Arroyo administrations, at least we are a lot better now with the Aquino administration. Hope is alive that if the country’s leader puts the interest of the nation first and foremost over any personal or political preoccupation then peace, stability and economic growth can be attained.

We have seen now that it takes a long time to fix a nation’s problem especially if it is dealing with corrupt government officials masquerading as public servants. At least after six years of the Aquino administration the world community is starting to acknowledge and recognize the efforts done.

Does this mean that the nation has to rest on its laurels now?

Definitely not and it is for this reason that PNoy is making sure that the country will be in capable hands once he turns over the governance to his successor. It is also for this reason that PNoy is fully supporting Mar Roxas to succeed him because the latter has been with him all throughout and in all circumstances, and sees himself in Roxas.

Another six years of ‘tuwid na daan’ advocacy, if Roxas wins, may not even be enough and this is another reason why PNoy and Roxas are both working hard to convince Poe to run as Roxas’ vice presidential mate.

Only then perhaps can we say that we are on our way to becoming a developed nation.

Certainly, the same cannot be said of Binay as an apt leader to succeed PNoy, or there will be no saving us from the bottomless pit anymore.

This is not about establishing a dictatorship regime as Binay idiotically interprets it, as if people don’t know better. It is making sure the country veers away and rises above the politics of corruption mastered by Binay. It is assuring the public that this is the way to go for at least the next two presidential terms if the people wants to avoid the danger of falling into the bottomless pit soon enough with Binay serving only his own, his family’s and his cohort’s selfish interests.

Let us all be reminded and wary of what Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said if Binay wins, after comparing the latter with the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, saying both were accused of massive corruption.

“In Marcos’ time, it was only conjugal. Marcos and Imelda. If he [Binay] wins, it will be a basketball team,” he said, drawing laughter from the crowd. (Every adult member of the Binay family is an incumbent or past elective official.)


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