Binay’s SOMA


Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

There is no doubt it was only Vice President Jejomar Binay, his family and brownnoser friends who thought he delivered the True State of the Nation Address (TSONA).

In reality there was nothing truthful about what he reported. Nothing to brag about really that would stand out and put President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) down.

Why, where was Binay anyway the past five years? Wasn’t he a member of PNoy’s Cabinet who supported PNoy’s every move with neither a bang nor a whimper, and just because he did not get PNoy’s benediction to be his anointed successor he is now throwing everything at PNoy and his party everything but the kitchen sink? What an ingrate!

To me it was more like a State of Mind Address (SOMA) delivered by one so desperately fighting his own demons while dramatically trying to cover his own inadequacies by playing to the crowd to earn their sympathy.

What else could one do but question the state of mind of somebody fuming and ranting and vituperating against Pnoy and his administration, and even his prospective adversaries for the presidency, without naming names, when as vice president who has promised to make a TSONA, he should have given true facts and figures contradicting or disproving PNoy’s SONA?

Not to disrespect and dishonor the brave police special action forces (SAF) commandos who were massacred in Mamasapano, the only number he mentioned to those in attendance is the number 44, signifying the fallen troopers.

Yes, there is nothing wrong to mention the lapses that brought the SAF 44 troopers to their death, but why use them to grandstand your own political ambitions?

Binay even made it more melodramatic when he called their names one by one, after which he executed a lousy salute.

As much as I want to show respect to Binay, I just could not, knowing the serious corruption and plunder charges he is facing, which to this day he has not been able to extricate and clear himself from.

Yet, Binay has the arrogance and the nerve to go around telling people that he is a better leader than PNoy and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and Sen. Grace Poe and the others aiming for the presidency, when he knows very well that nobody can compare with his despicable nature. Even to his own name he is a disgrace: Jesus Jose Maria (Jejomar).

A delusion of grandeur is what Binay has, and that should be a concern for the electorate about his state of mind come 2016 presidential election.

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