It should be for love of country and not for personal glory

gracepoeI am talking of course about Sen. Grace Poe and her seemingly serious intention of running for president in 2016 election.

If Poe really has the interest of the country in mind, based on her statements and sentiments that are akin to the reasons why her father, the late Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ), run for president in 2004 but lost, then she should step back and think more deeply if the timing of her joining the presidential race in 2016 is right and advantageous for her.

The poll surveys have been showing her popularity and trust ratings high up there among the declared and perceived presidential candidates, but should these really be just her basis for running at this time?

If Poe agrees that, with President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) at the helm, the country is in good hands, then, what is the hurry, especially now that Interior Secretary Mar Roxas has been anointed by PNoy as the LP’s presidential candidate in 2016?

For supporting Roxas, PNoy believes that Roxas is the most qualified to succeed him at this time when his reforms and programs for good governance has to be sustained so the country could develop further and faster.

Does this mean that PNoy considers Poe an unworthy successor? Certainly not, and it is for this reason that he has been having a series of talks with her before Roxas’ endorsement, because the president wanted her to run as vice president first in order that she could gain more experience so she could serve the country better once her turn comes.

It is true that PNoy owes Roxas a favor for giving in to the people’s clamor in 2010 to let PNoy run instead and it is pay-back time now, but PNoy also realizes that while Poe leads in the presidential surveys, Roxas is much more equipped and ready for the job. What is important is that Poe can help Roxas’ acceptance ratings go up.

I am sure PNoy was thinking about what better training to prepare Poe for the presidency than to be Roxas’ running mate, considering that both Roxas and Poe, like PNoy, are of the same mold in working for the interest and love of country first before personal glory and gratification.

The difference, however, between today and the time FPJ run for president in 2004 is that the Arroyo administration then was so corrupt that it needed somebody popular and well-intentioned to defeat Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Unfortunately, and despite FPJ’s popularity, the infamous ‘Hello Garci’ tape ruined the famous actor’s dream of becoming president.

The political situation today does not call for a drastic change in the administration for the country is doing very well compared to that of Arroyo’s time.

On the contrary, the reason why PNoy wants Poe to accept and be Roxas’ running mate is to ensure that the country will continue to be in competent hands in 2016 and 12 years after, rather than see the presidency falling in the hands of another corrupt official who will only set us back falling again into the hole of muck where we had been for a long time.

This is how critical Sen. Poe’s role is in helping carry on the decent and respectable legacy PNoy is leaving off when he steps down in 2016.

Let me know what you think

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