Iconic lion, Cecil, is dead

_84507008_cecil_running_thomasjoyceThe photos I am showing and sharing with you below are those of an animal ruffian named Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, USA, who has the penchant of hunting and killing beautiful wildlife animals in top game reservation areas. They are just few of the victims of his beastly hobby.

Better known as an American trophy hunter, Palmer’s prized kills before did not elicit an uproar, but when he deliberately snuffed the life of the iconic lion, Cecil, at Zimbabwe’s famous Hwange National Park, after paying $55,000 bribe to wildlife guides, an outpouring of anger ensued around the world, especially among the netizens, and for the right reasons.

Not only was Cecil brutally hunted, first by crossbow and 40 hours later (because the animal was still alive) the deathblow by a high-powered rifle, but he was also beheaded and skinned for the purpose of displaying later Cecil’s famous dark mane, and the carcass left to rot in the sun.

In fact according to Safari operators, Cecil, aged about 13, became an “iconic” animal sought after by many visitors to Hwange mainly because of his imposing figure, especially with his majestic and distinctive black mane that set him apart from the others.

At the time of his death, Cecil had with him a GPS collar, which was part of a University of Oxford research program in Hwange park, tracking his movements and to establish how lions live – their social behavior – including details on how they breed.

Lastly, I am also sharing with you a video clip of talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel, who I believe epitomizes the hurt and outrage felt by many of the world’s populace on Cecil’s untimely demise.








Palmer (L) with friend and latest victim, Cecil.

Palmer (L) with friend and latest victim, Cecil.



2 comments on “Iconic lion, Cecil, is dead

  1. Surfcaster says:

    How can people not understand that if it weren’t for hunters and our money (who for the most part are the best stewards and conservators of nature) that many species of animals would already be extinct or very near it. I see all of these videos of Cecil the lion in his prime, but the pic with the dentist shows an old weak looking lion. Reminds me of boyhood pics of Trayvon Martin, but this is how many people see fit to get their point across. Lion’s as far as I’m concerned aren’t anything that I personally want to kill, but I’ve killed and eaten many deer, hogs, doves ducks, fish and other creatures……The dentist has most likely done more for animals by way of the money he spends on the hunts than hundreds and maybe thousands of tender hearted non hunters. But opinions are what we are all entitled to.

    • quierosaber says:

      The only thing that really made a big difference between the dentist’s previous kills, which did not cause any uproars, and the lion is that he made the mistake of putting in his sights a recognizable, popular and supreme lion.

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