Save the country from the Marcoses

Sen. Ferdinand

Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos with mother, Rep. Imelda Marcos

If there was an administration in the country’s history that ushered the age of massive corruption, starting from the seat of power in Malacañang and down to all levels of the bureaucracy, the one that lasted for 20 goddamn years under the iron-hand leadership of the despot, President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., beats them all.

Worst even is that when the Marcoses were booted out of the Malacañang palace and disgracefully sent out packing into exile, they left the government coffers empty, plundering the nation’s wealth.

This is the long and short of the country’s history of corruption that continues to be carried out until today. What was done with impunity then continues to exist today in different schemes except that no leader has attempted to do a Marcos, which is putting the nation again under Martial Law.

But, who really knows?

The Marcoses are back in power with the matriarch, Imelda, a willing accomplice in those goddamn 20 years, strutting at the Lower House of Congress and the son and namesake of the dictator, better known as Bongbong, grandstanding at the Senate floor.

Having experienced an ignominious past, a lesson has been learned such that the same mistake will not be committed by any of them again.

But that is not my issue with the mother and son tandem in Congress, much less the mother for she is in her sunset years. The son, however, has so much years ahead of him and if given the chance to lead this country, will try, not only to brainwash the Filipino people and justify the great deeds of that the latter’s remains could be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani cemetery, but also recover expensive and exotic jewelries, which were once owned by Imelda, that are now kept by the government inside a vault, not to mention the several expensive paintings taken away from them.

There is no wonder why Imelda has not mince words about her wish to see her son run for president sometime in the future, although Bongbong remains coy about his political plans for 2016 elections.

That the Marcoses have been forgiven by many Filipinos and accepted back to the fold, and in fact have been given back their political clout, is enough consideration for me. But, to be placed in that position where Bongbong will be reminding us about the greatness and nobleness of his father, that is simply an insult to our intelligence and our sense of history, and, therefore unacceptable.

Like his father, Bongbong is smart and the reason why he will not acquiesce to Vice President Jejomar Binays invitation to be his running mate or join the presidential race in 2016 is because both are losing propositions at this time. Running with Binay will only bring back anew the ugly memories of his father’s corrupt regime, and the association will forever ruin his political ambitions to be president. On the other hand, running for the presidency this early is bad timing as there are still many that are alive who loathe the Marcoses like a deadly plague.

I am reprinting here an excerpt of what Bongbong said at the Asia CEO Talks recently because this is what I mean when I said that he will be indoctrinating and influencing us no end about his father’s greatness if we elect him to be the country’s leader: “We need a leader who will restore in all Filipinos the lost sense of pride in themselves and pride in being citizens of the Republic of the Philippines. We had at some point in our history that pride. We seem to have gone astray and have lost it.”

That history is about the dictator’s regime, of course, and nobody else.

Pride, my ass!!

2 comments on “Save the country from the Marcoses

  1. Love 2 Type says:

    no delicadeza at all

    • quierosaber says:

      And no shame at all. For as long as Imelda lives she will continue to be an insult to the country and the Filipinos.

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