PNoy’s last SONA

President Benigno Aquino delivering his last SONA.

President Benigno Aquino delivering his last SONA.

Being President Benigno Aquino’s (PNoy) last State of the Nation Address (SONA), it is only proper that the event should be viewed and assessed objectively on how he has done as the president of the country.

It was not therefore surprising that he has to dig again at the Arroyo administration, from whom he took over the reins of power, because it is where PNoy’s administration and governance story start.

Many may fault PNoy for doing so, but the fact is that, in any endeavor, the past is what is used as a criterion as to how one would want to proceed.

We all know how it was during the Arroyo administration and what has become of the former president. This is important to mention because the transition from a dismal performance of one government cannot easily be corrected or righted by the succeeding administration.

That is why sometimes we say that six years is too short for a long president, and too long for a bad and corrupt president.

Having said that, the video clips shown and the testimonies given by different personalities relative to the progress, growth, gains and benefits achieved and received are information, affirmations and substantiations on how far this country has gone despite the anomalies committed by the previous administration.

What is encouraging about PNoy’s SONA is that the nation’s performance under his leadership is being acknowledged and recognized not only by the different international financial and economic agencies, but also by the world community in general.

Advocating, believing and making the ‘daang matuwid’ or the straight path as his cornerstone of good governance, PNoy was able to gain the admiration and respect of the world leaders.

There is no doubt that the straight path is the right path to take as evidenced by the progress the country is doing by way of interest both local and international investors are showing and the manner other nations are willing to help us.

Achieving at last peace and stability in southern Philippines, especially with the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), is an important undertaking by PNoy’s administration that should be supported by all, for it will not only improve the quality of life in the region, but will make the Philippines a more cohesive and a stronger nation.

It is for these reasons that the Filipinos find themselves today at the crossroad of determining and deciding who to succeed PNoy in 2016 so that the reforms for good governance will continue to be implemented, the mantra of ‘daang matuwid’ will continue to be chanted and the establishment of the BBL political entity in Mindanao will be realized.

It is too bad that PNoy’s political adversaries, specifically Vice President Jejomar Binay, who is facing plunder charges for his corrupt practices as a government official, think that he could do better if he succeeds PNoy.

In fact Binay says that he is going to make a truthful SONA himself because PNoy’s was laced with lies.

For one who is having a hidden agenda of his own, Binay is sure to have had already a false impression or perception of what PNoy had to report to the nation.

Only those who truly care for the nation can appreciate PNoy’s SONA.

Is PNoy faultless?

Of course not, especially the way he protect friends like former PNP chief Alan Purisima. Do you wonder then why the Mamasapano incident was not mentioned in the SONA? That is who PNoy is, but do we have to put more weight on his personal indiscretions when political and economic successes in his governance far outweighs them?

Despite his personal recklessness, the saving grace is that PNoy was man enough to ask for understanding if mistakes were committed by his administration, which can only be translated, obviously, as saying that the buck stops with him.

What PNoy has assured the Filipinos in his SONA is that he is not corrupt and that it was important that for the county to move forward and develop further, the one to succeed him must not only be corrupt, but should also follow the straight path program of governance to sustain what he has started and nurtured the past five years of his administration.

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