Binay’s tirades against Poe an insult to overseas Filipinos


Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay has not only gone insecure in his ranking in the presidential surveys, but has seemingly gone desperate, too, about the results such that in his burning desire to be elected president in 2016, he has been relentlessly going on a warpath around the country politically attacking his perceived opponents, but most especially Sen. Grace Poe, who happens to be in the lead now.

Binay’s tirades against Poe is not only about her lack of executive experience in leading and running a country, but he has been disconcertingly critical about the way she handled herself as a Filipino – going to the US, renouncing her Filipino citizenship later and taking an oath of allegiance to the US for her new citizenship, after studying, living, working, and even marrying in her second home.

What is unfortunate about this kind of criticism against Poe is that Binay, knowingly, took a swipe at and insulted the millions of overseas Filipinos who have done the same, but later in life have to come home for one reason or another, the way Poe did, and revert back to Filipino citizenship.

What is wrong with that?

It is utterly ludicrous, if not stupid, to compare the Filipinos of today with Hermano Pule, born Apolinario de la Cruz, who, during the 1800s, led the first major revolt in the Philippines for religious freedom.

We are not talking and fighting for independence anymore from foreign invaders, for the country has passed that stage and, indeed, for that we have heroes being honored today.

But what the country is up against today is the invasion of corrupt politicians in government that is making migrants out of the Filipino people.

Binay, during his speech at the 200th birth anniversary Hermano Pule, said: “Let us look at our surroundings today. It is obvious that, first, there are Filipinos who were born Filipino but abandoned being Filipino, and became citizens of another country. They took an oath to fight their motherland, if needed, because of their oath to another country.”

Even if it was Poe that Binay was alluding to, still it was a senseless, idiotic and insulting remarks affecting Filipinos abroad.

Yes, overseas Filipinos leave, but not because they want to, but because they are forced to do so to improve their lot.

With so many political mercenaries in government, like Binay and his ilk, there are more opportunities of improving the quality of life of migrants and their families, despite the risks.

Binay’s remarks and sentiments about Poe and the migrant workers of today were really outrageous. It only made him look more pathetic and diabolical.


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