Miriam’s candidacy is a breath of fresh air


Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

In an atmosphere where the talks between President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) and Sen. Grace Poe has gone sour because of the latter’s burning desire to run for president instead of being Interior Secretary Mar Roxas’ running mate in the 2016 election, the news that the cancer-recovering Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is contemplating on joining the presidential race is, indeed, not just a whiff, but truly a breath of fresh air.

While PNoy has good intentions, believing that the Roxas-Poe tandem is the kind of partnership needed in 2016 and beyond to sustain the momentum that the president has started in stumping corruption and moving the country forward through constructive reforms, Poe, however, is not convinced that PNoy’s proposed tandem is a winning combination.

The reality is that, because of the presidential poll surveys, Poe thinks she could win the race for the presidency, so why settle for the vice presidency? Besides, she could not just put aside Sen. Chiz Escudero whom she considers a good friend, a mentor and her worthy vice presidential bet.

But the important question, however, is: Is the Poe-Escudero leadership what the nation needs in 2016 and beyond? Undoubtedly, these will be crucial years for the country.

People are saying that Poe is good, but to be good is not the main criterion. Competency is, and if she could not do without Escudero at her side, how capable is she really in running the intricacies of national governance? How could she be her own person if she depends on the dictates of others?

For me, both Poe and Escudero are just too ambitious for their own good. They think both their youth and popularity in the surveys will make them apt for the job. They could never be more wrong and they have disappointed many people.

The objective is still to defeat and make sure Vice President Jejomar Binay will never recover from the downward spiral he finds himself due to his alleged corrupt practices. A corrupt person, an alleged plunderer, is the last person we should be having as a leader of this nation.

Thus, there is no news more welcomed than an energized Miriam expressing interest again in running for president in 2016. There could not have been a more opportune time to announce it than today when the citizenry are looking for the best candidate to succeed PNoy.

I am not saying that Roxas does not have the experience, the savvy and the competence to be the next president, for he has all the qualities needed, but if he could not win, for one reason or another, as he finds himself lagging in surveys almost always, then it behooves upon every well-meaning Filipinos to elect a no-nonsense, outspoken, experienced, intelligent, strong-minded and competent candidate to be the country’s leader and this is what Miriam is all about. The whole package does not apply to either Poe or Escudero.

Hopefully, Miriam’s health progresses well and she recovers strongly for good so that her candidacy will become a reality and the nation’s future will be in capable hands.


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