Aforismos sobre la cerveza (Aphorisms about beer)

Encuentro algunos de estos aforismos sobre la cerveza en la vida de los que les gustan beber interesante y divertida (y veraz?) que yo no puedo sino compartir con ustedes los imagenes. Saludos! (I find some of the aphorisms about the beer in the life of those who loves drinking it interesting and funny that I could not help but share it with you the images. Cheers!)



Vodka + ice = damages the kidney

Rum + ice = damages the liver

Whisky + ice = damages the heart

Beer + ice = damages the brain

Wow…how much damage does ice make


The one who drinks beer live less…

Less stressed,

Less busy

Less sad and

Less bitter.


If I disappear, don’t put my

picture on milk cartons.

Put them on beer bottles, coz

if not, my friends will never see them.


The beer and the                                     The Corona must                             The Victoria must be

family in man’s life.                                 be the wife because                         lover because she is

she is number 1.                                the best of all.


The XX Lager must                                 The Sol must be the                          The Cahuama must be

be the daughter because                         mother-in-law because                    the prostitute because

she always gives one                                she is never liked.                              everyone uses her but they

the headache.                                                                                                           all deny it.






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