Binay’s job as vice president today


Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

Of all nationally elected government officials today, whose term of office is co-terminus to that of the President, Vice President Jejomar Binay stands out as the luckiest of them all.

Lucky in the sense that, after resigning his two Cabinet positions in the Aquino administration for the palpable reason of utter letdown that he has not been anointed by President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) as his successor in the 2016 presidential election, Binay continues receiving his salary as vice president while doing nothing beneficial for the country.

In fact Binay has all the unimaginable time for his warpath journey all over the country against PNoy and his administration, and whoever he feels has hurt his ego.

In the process Binay has been giving freebies as souvenirs for him to be remembered in 2016, while vituperating at his political enemies and at the same time making pronouncements that only serve his own and his family’s personal and political interests.

So, what does this tell every law abiding Filipino in this country?

Obviously, it tells all of us that we are partly conniving with Binay’s corrupt practices in that we are allowing and spending for his sorties all over the country, helping him promote his own personal interest and his selfish political ambitions.

Maybe the taxpayers money that compensates Binay as vice president pales in comparison to the amount he allegedly plundered during his heydays as Makati’s CEO, but just the same the people expect good deeds in return. Alas, what he is doing is far from being an exemplary leader.

rosaryIf Binay thinks that by distributing to the people rosary-like bracelets with the bold letter B printed on the cross is a good, nay admirable spiritual deed, he should ponder more deeply, because for many rational and perceptive people this is a desperate act of the devil incarnate, who if elected president of the country, God forbids, will bring the Filipinos to suffer hell here on earth.

Coincidentally, the disgraceful and immoral act of distributing the rosary-like bracelets with the bold letter B printed on the cross also establishes the evil connection of Binay’s intention if he becomes president, God forbids, because of his recent statements favoring/advocating the lifting of the term limits of elected public officials as enshrined in the Constitution.

With the Binay political dynasty fully developed and functioning, there is nothing that the Binay patriarch covets more than winning the presidency in 2016 because this will ensure their political reign, in whatever capacity, to last forever, from one Binay generation to another.

For a man and a presidential candidate who has nothing to do but promote and sell himself to the Filipino people until May 2016, Binay should be repudiated for his deceitful and villainous intentions for the country and its people.

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