Binay son suspension defiance bad for father’s 2016 presidential run


Vice President Jejomar Binay and Makati Mayor Junjun Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay and Makati Mayor Junjun Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay and Makati Mayor Junjun Binay should have talked it over intelligently if defying the Ombudsman’s order for the latter’s suspension the second time around (the first time was only 4 months ago in March) was good and politically expedient for both their political careers.

In fact the whole family – an established political dynasty – should have been gathered together and have a consensus on how to proceed, after such an eventuality, considering that the move and actions they make will have an impact on the presidential run of the Binay patriarch in 2016 national elections.

It is bad enough that Vice President Binay is going around the country convincing people that he is not corrupt, following the exposė of the Blue Ribbon senate subcommittee corruption probe against him.

It is not even helping Binay any in his presidential ambition to be going around disparaging at President Aquino and his administration, which he once serve as a Cabinet member and a loyal believer in Aquino’s programs of governance, but has now turn severe critic simply because Aquino has not anointed him to be his successor.

For the older Binay, therefore, to allow his son to defy the lawful order of the Ombudsman to stand down in connection with the graft charges related to alleged irregularities in the construction of a building at the Makati City Science High School is only making it worse for his already marred candidacy.

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales on Tuesday maintained that the issuance of suspension order against Makati Mayor Binay and 14 other officials of the city government was in accordance with the law and not due to any political pressure from the administration as alleged by Binay’s camp.

“The Office of the Ombudsman is independent and performs its mandate according to law and the evidence,” Morales said in a statement. “It will never succumb to any perceived pressure or be blinded or deafened by political grandstanding.”

“It will not tolerate open defiance of constitutional processes or calls for mob rule. This is about the right of the Filipino people to hold their public servants to the highest bar of accountability and to bring them before the bar of justice if they are accused of betraying the public trust,” Morales said.

Very well said, indeed, but if Mayor Binay continues to find his call for suspension a political harassment, then the older Binay should have known better and advised his son to abide by the Ombudsman’s order, if he and the rest wanted to see the head of the family become the president of the country.

This could have been seen by many not only as a sacrifice, but a politically noble act for the Binays respecting the rule of law.

The Binays, however, are publicly a different breed. Having ruled Makati for several years now they think they are, as a political clan, above the law.

The whole country saw on national TV the Binay’s defiance on the rule of law and how they encouraged, tolerated and had utmost respect for the mob rule of which Vice President Binay was himself a participant, showing his arrogance and anger against the authorities following orders and implementing the law.

One could just imagine how it would be for the people and this country if the older Binay is elected president in 2016 and the members of the dynasty holding high positions in both local and national governments.

Talking about the crooked path to perdition after Aquino’s straight path of hope!

Filipinos wake up and speak up against the Binays!

Let me know what you think

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