Corrupt and ingrate are apt descriptions of Binay


Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

It did not take long for most Filipinos to know more about who Vice President Jejomar Binay really is.

The Senate investigating his corrupt practices gave us all an insight on who Binay is as a politician – a highly corrupt government official. Until he is able to disprove the accusations leveled against him, he will remain the sleazy political leader that he is.

Binay’s resignation as a Cabinet member of President Benigno Aquino’s (PNoy) administration, apparently, is also giving us another characterization of his persona, and that is of being an ingrate.

And to think that this is the same person who covets the presidency and will do anything to win it, including, perhaps, having a pact with the devil!

For how else would one describe Binay, when, after serving for 5 years as presidential adviser for OFW affairs and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council chairman, and treated with respect due a member of a Cabinet and as Vice President despite his being in the opposition, he turned suddenly vicious like a mad dog, or more aptly still, like a kid who has turned petulant because he did not get what he wanted for so long, which is PNoy’s endorsement as his successor in the 2016 national elections.

It has been a couple of days now, and counting, that Binay has been lambasting in public PNoy and his administration officials against controversial issues concerning the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), the Metro Rail Transit system (MRT), and the massacre of the Special Action Force (SAF) 44 in Mamasapano and what have you.

What is surprising, if not confounding, is that these are all issues which Binay was mum about when he was still in the Cabinet. It looks like that what was agreeable, acceptable and conformable while he was still in the Cabinet are now inappropriate and anomalous and worthy of being bad-mouthed.

Indeed, talking about being hypocritical, for Binay and the government agencies he headed also benefited from whatever programs and policies the government implemented. It seems irrational that being a vice president and and a member of the Cabinet, Binay will be missed out purposely from receiving funds due the agencies he is heading.

If Binay really meant well and felt disgruntled about the irregularities of PNoy’s administration during his stint in the Cabinet, he could have done the country good if right there and then he denounced the administration and quit PNoy’s Cabinet.

Binay might have yet gained the trust and confidence of the people and I don’t think the Senate probe on his corrupt practices would have progressed this far and succeeded in turning the people against him.

Binay’s own selfish interest dictated that he should stay longer, but noticed and realized later that the longer he stayed, the quieter PNoy became about anointing him as his successor, although PNoy was still close to him.

After the SWS survey came out that Binay had the highest trust rating among the government officials, he made his move and resigned, hoping that his rating will sustain him in his presidential ambition even without PNoy’s support.

It would even help, Binay thinks, that, from here on he will have PNoy and his administration officials in his cross hairs of political attack.

And so it has become  and will continue to be for this corrupt and ungrateful person who wants to be president of the country.

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