Much ado about Binay’s resignation


Makati Rep. Abigail Binay

Makati City Rep. Abigail Binay

Of all the rationalizations made about Vice President Jejomar Binay’s resignation from the Cabinet of the Aquino administration, I find that of her daughter’s, Makati City Rep. Abigail Binay, the most absurd and foolish.

After she herself hand-carried to Malacañang the irrevocable resignation letter of her father, she confessed what a relief it was for the family, and most of all for the vice president, quitting his Cabinet post as presidential adviser for overseas Filipino workers affairs and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) chairman for, henceforth, her father will no longer be treated as a punching bag by the political allies of President Benigno Aquino (PNoy).

Needless to say that Vice President Binay could now muster enough strength and courage to criticize the PNoy’s administration, which the former longed to do all these years, according to the daughter.

Binay’s resignation has been long overdue because if he had only an iota of ‘delicadeza’ left in him, he could have done it sooner knowing that among the Cabinet members he glaringly stood as the square peg in a round hole with the serious graft and corruption charges against him.

And if, indeed, Binay had an axe to grind against PNoy’s administration, why didn’t he took the exit door earlier and started exposing the inconsistencies of the administration?

Or was Binay just biding his time hoping that PNoy would be able to stop the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee from investigating his corrupt practices and in the process support his presidential bid in 2016 elections?

Embittered at not being granted by PNoy his unsaid wishes and, perhaps, emboldened by the recent Pulse Asia survey that he is the most trusted government official, even ahead of PNoy, Binay finally decided to jump ship.

For Congresswoman Binay, therefore, to claim that her father resigned because he was just made a punching bag by PNoy’s allies is ridiculous.

Vice President Binay is a lawyer, for crying out loud!

If the family thinks that he is just being made a punching bag, then it is Binay’s own undoing. If he is a lawyer worth his salt and believes that he has not enriched himself in public office, then by all means, face his tormentors and disprove all the accusations leveled against him instead of touring the country and telling the people that it is all character assassination and politically motivated.

Binay’s resignation is the most appropriate thing to do, not because of his punching bag status, as claimed by claimed by his daughter, but better that way than to be ousted, which is even more humiliating.

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