Purisima’s unscrupulousness


Sen. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos

Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos

I am not a supporter, much less an admirer, of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., but this time I can’t help but praise him for his single voice and resolute stand against four-star General Alan Purisima’s continuing stay in the Philippine National Police (PNP).

I find it strange that while many politicians have criticized Purisima’s participation in the botched Oplan Exodus, a police operation against a Malaysian terrorist and a Filipino bomb maker, where 44 Special Action Force (SAF) were brutally killed by Muslim rebels in Mamasapano, Maguindanao last January 25, even as he was under preventive suspension, only Marcos showed the courage to confront the Aquino administration for keeping Purisima still in the service.

The more Marcos got piqued when Malacañang, through its spokesman Edwin Lacierda, issued a statement to leave Purisima alone, after the senator delivered a privilege speech questioning Purisima’s decision to remain in the police force. Lacierda reasoned out that Purisima has resigned as PNP chief anyway.

But what is a four-star general doing in the PNP if he has no clear-cut job for him to do anymore?

It is not a question of whether or not he has resigned as head of the PNP, but it is now more a question of whether or not he has still an iota of scruples left in him.

Gen. Alan Purisima

Gen. Alan Purisima

It is bad enough to be blamed for the brutal death of the SAF troopers, but what moral authority does Purisima have and what leadership example can he show now after serving a six-month preventive suspension meted to him by the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with a plunder and graft case over the questionable gun license delivery deal with a private courier firm?

Having reached the pinnacle of his career already, Purisima should have opted to resign.

Purisima’s unscrupulousness is definitely leaving a bad taste in everybody’s mouth, except perhaps for President Benigno Aquino (PNoy), who continues to trust him and who believes Purisima can’t do no wrong.

Certainly, Purisima’s unscrupulousness of staying in the police force continues to torment the PNP organization which until now does not have a sitting and functioning PNP Chief.

Under PNoy’s watch, firing Purisima from the service is next to impossible. Woe to those in the PNP hierarchy.


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