Binay desperate for a running mate – Part II


Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

When I wrote Part I (, I had the feeling that it will not be easy for Vice President Jejomar Binay to invite somebody to become his running mate in the 2016 presidential election.

Clearly, entertaining the idea of going in tandem with Duterte was wishful thinking and extending an invitation to the latter to become Binay’s running mate was simply an act of desperation.

Binay knows very well that the serious corruption charges against him have taken a toll on his popularity and trust ratings, as can be gleaned from the presidential poll surveys, and if he wants to stay competitively floating, that he should have a running mate that is either a celebrity or prominent enough to buoy him up.

Long before Duterte’s name cropped up, Binay seemed to be very interested in having Sen. Jinggoy Estrada as his running mate. This idea fizzled out just as quickly as it was thought with Binay, perhaps, understanding that there is just no way both could stay afloat in the race when the yoke of corruption is strapped around their necks.

There was a time when Binay also tried hard in convincing PLDT Chair Manny Pangilinan to be his running mate, saying, he preferred “someone who comes from the private sector particularly a successful businessman” rather than a politician.

Pangilinan rejected outright Binay’s offer, and rightly so. Who would want to mar one’s name? Politics is dirty enough and to be associated with somebody who is seen by the Filipino people as corrupt, is simply destroying one’s name and reputation that has always been the hallmark of Pangilinan’s leadership.

Wasn’t Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto courted also by Binay sometime in the past? Surely it was not about Vilma’s competence, but rather it was more about how Vilma’s popularity could translate into votes for her and, hopefully, for Binay. Again, to be associated with Binay will be a political suicide for Vilma especially that Batangas is a very controversial place for Binay.

What I am simply saying here is that nobody in his straight mind seems interested in becoming Binay’s running mate.

Am I saying that only those with crooked minds are amenable to Binay’s offer to be his running mate? Perhaps, and they are those obviously belonging to his ilk.

There is no need elaborating here Binay’s offer to Sen. Grace Poe as his running mate, and what happened thereafter. That, too, was a desperate move that made a damning backlash in Binay’s presidential quest.

Binay is so desperate in his search for a running mate that he has offered the position to no less than the popular and populist former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, enticing the latter to accept what Binay thinks as a winning tandem – the BEST – or the Binay-ESTrada tandem.

But Estrada didn’t bite the bait as he still holds the Poe family in high esteem, and would rather run for reelection as Manila’s mayor.

And so Binay continues his search for a running mate – desperately still.


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