Binay spokesmen detrimental to his presidential ambition


UNA's JV Bautista and Rep. Toby Tiangco

UNA’s JV Bautista and Rep. Toby Tiangco

It is bad enough that Vice President Jejomar Binay has no longer a galloping lead among the presidential candidates in recent poll surveys due to the serious corruption charges against him, but the way events are unfolding about Sen. Grace Poe, Binay’s presidential ambition is now looking blake and even in peril, if you may.

Binay can only blame two people who are acting as his spokesmen – Rep. Toby Tiangco and lawyer JV Bautista, United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) interim president and interim secretary general, respectvely.

Because both Tiangco and Bautista were overzealous in protecting Binay’s ‘wholesome’ image and with their burning desire to have Binay win the presidency in 2016, they wickedly dug into their bag of political dung to throw at Poe, who not only declined to be Binay’s vice presidential mate but who also sided and signed the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee report recommending plunder charges against Binay and his son.

Tiangco questioned Poe’s years of residency in the country before she could run for Vice President or President in 2016, while Bautista brought up the question of Poe’s citizenship, the latter being a foundling.

What a bunch of contemptuous political allies who have nothing but jaundiced eyes towards Poe!

All these times Tiangco and Bautista have portrayed Binay as an underdog against the senators conducting Binay’s corruption probe and they wanted the Filipino people to support his presidential ambition.

Sen. Grace Poe

Sen. Grace Poe

But being alarmed at Poe’s sudden popularity and trustworthiness, as indicated in the poll surveys for either the vice presidency and the presidency, both Tiangco and Bautista started gathering muck to throw at Poe.

But like I said, a significant number of Filipinos have already awaken and they could no longer be fooled. They can now distinguish who are the corrupt and who are the trustworthy.

Filipinos are known to side with the underdog and clearly, between Binay and Poe, the latter has earned the sympathy and support of the people.

Thanks to Tiangco and Bautista, and Binay’s undoing for letting these two clowns brazenly attack a good, honest, moral and intelligent person who had the misfortune of being a foundling in the Philippines, but lucky enough to have been cared and love as their own child by a famous Filipino couple.

Before this Sen. Poe was perhaps thinking only of running for the vice presidency in 2016 to give her experience in running the executive branch of government.

But because of Tiangco’s and Bautista’s political misjudgment, Sen. Poe has become a serious threat in Binay’s presidential quest.

Now Binay has to reckon with Poe’s political clout.

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