Poe candidacy for president beneficial to country


Senator Grace Poe

Senator Grace Poe

The way events are shaping up it looks like the Filipinos are looking favorably at Sen. Grace Poe’s presidential run in 2016 election.

I thought at first that it was too early for the neophyte senator to aspire for the presidency, but it is not about eagerness or ambitiousness that is driving her for it, rather it is the clamor of the people that is pushing her for it.

And I cannot agree more with the people’s sentiments.

In a very short time that Poe has served as a senator of the realm, she has shown maturity, intelligence, independence of mind, competence and leadership in her work and in her statements.

Most of all Poe understands what is plaguing the country and recognizes that the most affected are the poor in our society.

“It seems many of our poor countrymen have been neglected,” she said, mentioning one of what she thought were the Aquino administration’s failures.

It was short of saying that corruption continues to prevail despite the much touted “tuwid na daan” (straight path) program and policy being advocated by President Aquino and parroted by his lackeys in the administration.

The fact alone that Aquino continues to harbor Vice President Jejomar Binay in his cabinet despite the serious allegations of his corrupt practices already speak volumes of the political anomaly involved.

What makes it even more anomalous and detrimental to the country, to say the least, is that the same person that is being mired in corruption muck is topping the 2016 presidential poll surveys!

And, to think that Binay is creating his own powerful political dynasty!

Is this how we want the country to go forward?

On the other hand, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, the prospective presidential candidate of the ruling Liberal Party (LP), has been reportedly courting Poe to be his vice presidential running mate.

How could Poe accept such an offer from Roxas when she knows very well that she is well ahead of Roxas in the presidential surveys?

Not only that. If Poe teams up with Roxas and the latter losses to Binay, who most likely will use his oodles of money to win for him, and who is still more popular than Roxas, whether one likes it or not, would the incorruptible Poe feel comfortable working with the allegedly corrupt Binay, or would they be at loggerheads all the time, which will not be advantageous for the country?

Where the country is now, we do not need a traditional politician to succeed President Aquino. It will only set us back and forsake the gains of nation building attained by an incorruptible leader.

Therefore, the candidacy of Poe for president in 2016 will not only assure the Filipinos that the have voted for the office the right person, but voting for Poe will also ensure a lot more of benefits for the country and its people.

Let me know what you think

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