Binay could still win if continues to stay in Aquino cabinet

President Aquino, Vice President Binay and Interior Secretary Roxas

President Aquino, Vice President Binay and Interior Secretary Roxas

This is payback time for President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) to anoint Interior Secretary Mar Roxas as his presidential bet for the 2016 elections. It cannot be somebody else and there could be no other way.

PNoy owe it to Roxas for stepping aside in 2010, heeding the clamor from the people that they wanted him to be the LP standard bearer with Roxas as his running mate instead.

It would not have mattered much if Roxas became the elected vice president, but dejectedly he lost to Jejomar Binay.

Thus, for the 2016 presidential race, PNoy has to be gentleman enough to do what Roxas did for him in 2010.

As Roxas showed his “ability to sacrifice”, so should PNoy now show his “ability to recognize” Roxas’ worth as a member of his cabinet and as an excellent presidential material who is apt to continue his “tuwid na daan” (straight path) advocacy.

The question now, however, is if PNoy’s endorsement of Roxas will translate to the latter clinching the presidency in 2016?

We all know how Roxas is faring in the presidential surveys compared to others and especially against his former nemesis, now Vice President Binay, despite the latter’s woes on corrupt practices.

So how could Roxas turn around his chances of winning against Binay?

The only way Roxas could trounce Binay is if and when the former will muster enough courage to tell Aquino that Binay is one cabinet member that does not reflect his “tuwid na daan” advocacy because of the serious corruption charges he is facing and should therefore be given the door.

The LP stalwarts are saying that whomever PNoy endorses for the presidency will win, but I don’t think this will apply even to Roxas, if PNoy continues to keep Binay under his wings, too.

Whichever way one looks at it Roxas continues to be a loser against Binay, but not if PNoy axes Binay and the people will construe it as PNoy exhibiting a political will.

But then, endorsing Roxas and keeping Binay in the cabinet is simply PNoy’s political stratagem. He will not do the unthinkable. He will simply wait that Binay will decide on his own to quit his cabinet and thank PNoy for ever everything – including trust and confidence. This way there is no bad blood between them.

Whoever wins PNoy will forever be ensured of a quiet, court case-free life after his presidency.

2 comments on “Binay could still win if continues to stay in Aquino cabinet

  1. Any president after 2016 who even tries to prosecute Pnoy will have a stressful presidency. PNoy’s approval rating even as a lame duck president is unprecedented.

    Imagine the opposition once that happens. GMA, one of the most unpopular presidents (after marcos) to have ever become an ex-president had even sympathisers when Pnoy persecuted her. Imagine that times 10 when Pnoy ends up on the other side of the fence.

    I’m not a die hard Pnoy supporter. But lets give some credit to the guy for at least salvaging some credibility for the country. Yes, his programs, at least a large part of it, was an offshoot of what GMA started, but one cannot deny the perceived incorruptibility of the guy has boosted the effectivity of those programs.

    A case in point is the upgrade we’ve received from international credit rating agencies. Those alone have saved the country a huge bundle in interest payments thereby freeing up much needed cash for various programs. Never mind that some of those programs and funds were misused or “mal-used”.

    The Corona impeachment may have looked like a vindictive goose chase and has threatened the SC as an institution. But let’s face it, if Corona had an ounce of delicadesa, he should have not accepted the midnight appointment knowing fully well it was improper by any standards. And has it eroded the SC as an institution? By all analyses, it has not. If at all, it has even strengthened it. Part of the credit goes to the appointment of CJ Sereno who is percieved to be non-traditional.

    And don’t get me started with the indictment of the three PDAF senators.

    I must admit that there seem to be a double standard in terms of the standard of propriety between allies and non-allies. But to go back to a time when all the instrumentalities of government are trained towards political enemies mainly to harass and gain leverage stopping short of prosecution, i’d rather have a situation when the cases are really tried in the courts of law. Let the chips fall where they may. As for the allies, may panahon din sila, probably when they become non-allies.

    I apologise for straying from the topic. I agree with you about Binay. But don’t count Roxas out yet. FVR was in the same situation before. He was the most bland presidentiable during his time. But luck, timing and Ronnie Puno spelled the difference. Oh, Ronnie Puno, I heard is with Binay now….oh well! But Binay has resigned, so i guess that’s a game changer. Any change from the status quo should benefit Roxas.

    I am not a Roxas fan but choosing between someone who plays safe by keeping his hands from getting down and dirty and someone who chooses to buckle down to work no matter how risky and thankless it may be, gets an A in my book.

    • quierosaber says:

      Thank you for your insightful comments. I really appreciate it. The way you put things into perspective make it more sensible. I like Roxas, tho I find his wife an uppity person, and wanted him to win in 2010 until PNoy’s own relatives rocked the boat with their Noy-Bi idea that saw Roxas being jettisoned. Then came the Mamasapano massacre where he was a let-down not showing spine and balls after what PNoy, in cahoots with his savior, Purisima, did to him, putting Roxas out of the loop about the secret operation. Perhaps Roxas was playing it safe expecting PNoy’s anointment to succeed him. He knew he needed PNoy’s endorsement and support when the time comes – and it is coming pretty soon. Will see how it goes. Thanks again.

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