Binay desperate for a running mate


Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

After a lull of more than two weeks due to what PLDT people described as a major network problem, am glad to be back writing.

Not that I missed it, but I feel obliged to contribute my ideas, feelings and belief, for whatever it is worth, especially on issues concerning the despicable presidential yearning of Vice President Jejomar Binay, despite the dirty and scandalous deep hole he is mired in.

The latest report saying that he is considering Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as his running mate in the 2016 elections is very timely and has given me something to write about Binay again.

I am sure Duterte was never in the mind of Binay to be his running mate before, for the reason that Duterte is and has always been floated as a presidential timber in his own right.

There is no doubt that Binay acknowledges the intimidating presidential candidacy of Duterte and the latter also knows his popularity, for many are urging him to run, so there is no way that Binay could just downgrade Duterte to be his running mate.

So what is behind Binay’s absurd plan of courting Duterte?

Absurd it may be, but for one so desperate to become president, nothing is ridiculous for as long as it will propel him to the seat of power in Malacañang.

What Binay is doing is luring Duterte to his camp, believing that he is well ahead of the race, but like Sen. Grace Poe, Duterte knows that the presidency cannot be won by one flaunting an administrative experience in running a province or a big city, but rather by one who is incorruptible, which Binay is anything but.

As Poe has turned down Binay’s offer to be his running mate, so will Duterte reject Binay’s courting of him to be his vice presidential nominee.

Both Poe and Duterte are seeing the writings on the wall.

Both have better chances of winning on their own than associating with Binay whose acceptance and trust ratings will continue to plummet unless he can get out from the damning corruption muck heaped upon him and clear his name convincingly in front of the public.

Until then the awaken Filipinos will continue to perceive Binay as a corrupt politician not worthy of their trust and confidence to become the country’s leader starting in 2016 and continue the political, social and economic reforms that are making headways and acknowledged by the world community.

Let us keep the momentum going for the country by keeping Binay and his ilk out of the 2016 presidential race.

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