A misguided ranting by Veloso’s mother against the government


The Veloso family

The Veloso family

I think we all can emphathize with the Veloso family with regards to the predicament of their daughter, Mary Jane, who was sentenced to die by firing squad in Indonesia a few days ago for alleged drug trafficking, when she was caught at the Yogyakarta airport in April 2010 with 2.6 kg of heroin wrapped in aluminum foil sewn into the sides of her suitcase, but at the last minute was given a reprieve.

Ignoring local and international outcry and prayers for mercy, it looked like the Filipina drug mule, like the eight other convicted drug traffickers, was never to see light again after they were brought to the Indonesian prison of Nusa Kambangan for their execution.

But for strange and sudden twist of fate, Mary Jane’s life was saved while the rest went on to die.

Although Mary Jane’s reprieve is a temporary dispensation granted by the Indonesian government, still to be given another lease in life is something to be blissful and thankful – most especially to the immediate family.

But why is it that instead of being appreciative and cognizant of the collective efforts, prayers and good intentions of so many for the stay of Mary Jane’s execution, the family, especially the mother, Celia, was ranting still about the inadequacies of government?

To me, what happened in 2010 when Mary Jane, because of utter necessity and naiveté, fall into the trap of evil people who used and made her a drug mule, she already had her future compromised, if not doomed. It became more certain when it happened in Indonesia.

Nothing could have been done then, and the Velosos should understand this.

It was Mary Jane’s fate to go this far in her personal trials and tribulations, when she was scheduled to die, because if not, there would not be a Maria Kristina Sergio to make appearances.

Needless to say that Sergio is Mary Jane’s saving grace for the moment.

It was only when Indonesian President Joko Widodo learned that Sergio was instrumental in Mary Jane’s incarceration that he started listening with interest to all concerned in the Philippines, most especially from the plea of his counterpart, President Benigno Aquino.

This, after Widodo has been reported meeting with Indonesia’s own local migrants rights advocates who told him how the case of Mary Jane is similar to some cases befalling their own migrant workers.

That being said, the Velosos, especially the mother, should stop criticizing the government and should show magnanimity instead to thank all and sundry for the reprieve given her daughter.

Giving credit to God for the timely intervention should even be better.


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