Legacy of a great fighter more important than legacy of a mediocre politician

manny1The Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather encounter will forever remain as the Filipino’s greatest fight in his illustrious boxing career.

It did not only take so many years in the making, but now that they are going to rumble, it is not only considered the richest in the history of boxing, but it is also described as the Fight of the Century.

Indeed it is a historic bout contended by two exciting boxers in the world today – Pacquiao, an 8-division world champion and Mayweather, a 5-divion world champion.

Both fighters are in the late 30s and with the prize-money between them raised so high up to the tune of an estimated $400M for their extraordinary prowess, at 60/40 split in favor of the American, it is only fitting that they end their careers while showing to the world which of them is or has been the best.

After this mega fight Pacquiao has nothing to prove anymore.

Win or lose, Pacquiao has fought the best there was in each of the division that he won making him a boxing icon. With his mastery, he has not only made himself world renown, but he has made the country proud.

Pacquiao’s legacy as a great boxing champion is secured. Not only that. He is considered a hero! His rag to riches story is really one for the books and all Filipinos hold him in high esteem.

This is how we should remember Pacquiao, and whatever worthy deeds he will be doing in the realm of sports when he finally retires from boxing. The development of Philippine sports is where he belongs and with his known distinction of being disciplined, diligent, determined, persevering and competitive, he will be a big boost to aspiring Filipino athletes.

Unfortunately, however, as early as a few years back, Pacquiao, to the dismay of many, has been lured by friends to enter the dirty world of Philippine politics where government positions are won not by one’s competence but by one’s popularity and the disposable wealth one has in his hands.

Pacquiao’s record in Congress clearly speaks volume of who he is as an elected representative of Sarangani Province. Having the worst attendance record in Congress, being present in only four of 70 session days in 2014, what kind of contribution can be expected of Pacquiao if he is among people supposedly making laws?

What is even worse now is that Pacquiao’s American promoter, Bob Arum, is trying to be the latest Pacquiao political spokesman, saying that his ward is going to run for the Senate in 2016 and for president in 2022.

I am sure that many political opportunists welcome Arum’s predictions, but only because they want to ride on Pacquiao’s popularity and can bank on Pacquiao’s financial assistance.

Talking about hidden agenda by some scandalous politicians!

Pacquiao during Church groundbreaking. (Photo courtesy of Phil Boxing .com)

Pacquiao during Church groundbreaking. (Photo courtesy of PhilBoxing .com)

I can only hope that even before Pacquiao’s own church, which he has called “The Word for Everyone”, is finished in General Santos, that he will be enlightened as to how he wants to proceed with his life.

“I want to leave behind a legacy of faith and a House of God. This is more self-fulfilling than my achievements in boxing and politics,” Pacquiao said.

Well and good, but what it is even better is if Pacquiao turns his back from politics so that his mediocre performance as a politician will not mar, but rather preserve for posterity his legacy of greatness in boxing and his unswerving faith in his new found religion.

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