Better ‘newbie’ than corrupt


Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

I try not to indulge in writing too much about Vice President Jejomar Binay since I abhor his politics and have been very vocal against his presidential ambition because of his alleged corrupt practices, but every time he does or say something that makes him appear to be righteous, impeccable and exemplary, I cannot help but react.

Perhaps from hereon, and as a result of the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey that saw Sen. Grace Poe eating up Binay’s lead as the top presidential contender, the Filipino people should expect that the latter will be going to wherever he is invited and use every occasion to remind the public that the next president should not be a ‘newbie’ or a newcomer.

Not only that Binay is describing Poe as a neophyte senator, but worst yet is that she has no experience whatsoever in public governance, not even at the barangay (barrio or village) level.

There is no doubt Binay will capitalize on these issues, as if Filipinos haven’t voted in the past a plain housewife for president in the person of Cory Aquino.

“I am very much convinced that the local government is the best training ground for those who want to run for national government positions,” Binay said in his latest statement. “Look at America, many of their national officials are former governors.”

Thank goodness Binay never became a governor or where he is now and the personal and political crisis he is up against today could have been more rotten and pathetic.

“The President’s term is only six years, this is a very short period,” Binay said. “The next president must be an expert in governance, not the one who needs to learn how to deal with crises when they hit.”

The way Binay is losing fast his approval and trust ratings in the presidential survey could be attributed to Filipinos getting to know him better now, no matter his claim of ‘vast experience and a long track record in governance and in dealing with crises.’

Better a ‘newbie’ with competent people around her than an experienced city executive who will treat and run the country as if it was Makati City once again.



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