Lenten reflection that concerns the greater number


lentReflection is about meditation, about being in deep thoughts and contemplating on what to do next considering what the past has been and cognizant of ones predicament now.

Almost always it is a self-serving event that nudges you to be a better person either for your own good or for the good of your family and friends.

As usual there is no better time to make a self-improvement reflection than in the Lenten season.

It becomes more appropriate and relevant that reflections and desired positive changes be made in our lives during Lent because the occasion calls for the believers to reflect also in the meaning of the passion, the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ.

But, as believers of the faith, do we always have to wait for the Lenten season to come for atonement and strive to make changes in the way we live so that we may become worthy once more of the love and grace of Christ?

For those who constantly go to church for prayers and meditation, and are seeing all the time the figure of Christ nailed to the cross, aren’t you reminded of your Christian obligations, especially towards the poor and marginalized Filipinos who continue to struggle to have food, to educate and enjoy better lives?

What I am simply trying to point out here is that if Lent is being considered as a significant time to make sacrifices in order for us to become better persons, then let us all step out of the box and do it not for ourselves and family, but for the greater number of people who need help and better quality lives.

What I am saying is that it is about time we start making a difference in the lives of our people, majority of which are ignorant and impoverished, by praying to God during Lent and any other time, imploring that blessings be upon them so they, too, can experience what it is to have a blissful life.

I think this is more pleasing and fulfilling in the eyes of God, that we be made instruments in the changes of the lives of the poor so they, too, can share in the wealth and resources of the country.

How do we do this?

Let us start looking towards 2016 elections and with our prayers and good intentions, let us be united in putting down the forces of political evil that will only bring more misery than relief to this country.



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