A marriage proposal that could never go wrong

meatboquetMarriage proposals anywhere in the world have never been as creative, romantic and original at any other time than it is today.

Not only is it being done on the ground and under water, but it has also gone up in the air.

From the classic getting down on one knee with your offering of flowers, ring or what not, while surprising her with your proposal to be your wife, to having divers in an aquarium hold a sign saying, “will you marry me” while pretending to watch the show, and to the impressive and unexpected proposal of having an airplane spell those magic words “will you marry me” in the sky above an event you both are attending.

Oh, the many, many ways of making both private and public proposals!

It can be crazy, serious, funny, and even daring too.

There was even a mob dance that led to marriage proposal.

What is important is to make it overwhelming and memorable for the girl such that she can’t say anything else, but YES! YES! YES!

This is what happened to a man in China who got the affirmation from his girlfriend with his unique offering of a meat bouquet as he got down on one knee and made the proposal to his girlfriend.

Why the use of raw beef slices rolled into the shape of roses? Because his girlfriend loves to eat meat!

How could this proposal go wrong?

For more on this please open this link: http://shanghaiist.com/2015/03/30/meat-bouquet-proposal.php.



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