‘Bosses’ gave PNoy lower poll ratings


President Benigno Aquino

President Benigno Aquino

Many have been anticipating that President Benigno Aquino’s (PNoy) speech before graduates of the Philippine National Police Academy a few days ago would be his last in dealing with the odious Mamasapano massacre.

Since nothing has changed much in PNoy’s opinion about his role in the said botched operation, much less express regret over the lapses he made, except to say this time that what he needed was public understanding as he was also a victim of grave indiscretion by the one authorized to conduct the covert mission, or so he wants the public to believe, it is only a wise political decision that he stops further discussing about it.

The fact, however, remains that it is PNoy’s opinion, supported by his adulators in congress, against the opinion of the majority of his ‘bosses’ – the voting public – and the sad truth is that PNoy’s bosses are dismayed, if not appalled by his statements and actions, that his latest approval and trust poll ratings say it all.

What is even more disgusting in PNoy’s behavior is that he even had the gall to criticize both the PNP Board of Inquiry and the Senate Mamasapano Reports as lacking in facts and veracity because it failed to get his version of the carnage that resulted in the death of 44 PNP-SAF troopers.

It was just as good that PNoy was not interviewed to air his side or both reports would not have been done objectively. As he branded the reports about his lapses as mere ‘speculations’, what he would have done was try to influence such that both reports would appear truthful since it came from him, the president, thus discrediting the real facts taken under oath during the investigation. This would have created a greater uproar than his not having said sorry at all, for, certainly, those tasked to investigate would stand by what they heard from the resource persons and not about what PNoy personally feels, thinks and believes about the whole thing.

Could you imagine if both reports were just solely putting the blame on SAF commander Getulio Napeñas, as what PNoy has been claiming all the time, saying, that the sacked commander fooled him?

Didn’t suspended PNP chief Alan Purisima fooled PNoy the most since he was the one in the middle of the planned covert operation briefing and updating the president about Oplan Exodus?

Couldn’t this be another reason why PNoy claims the issues about him in the reports are mere speculations because both reports pointed at his friend and protégé, Purisima, a major culprit in the botched operation, and had his side been heard that he would have absolved Purisima, just as he hasn’t been mentioning the significant role that Purisima played in this deadly drama during his speeches?

Some of PNoy’s political apologists say that he should not be held responsible and accountable for the debacle suffered by the police commandos because he has little control over it.

Little control?

The fact that PNoy understood that the lack of coordination between the military and police officials contributed significantly to the death of the raiding commandos, and said further that he would never authorize an operation that would endanger the lives of government troops, only shows that he has himself to blame.

For, why is it that he allowed himself to be carried away and disrespect the PNP chain of command by keeping the two key people in the hierarchy, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and OIC PNP deputy Director Leonardo Espina, in the dark, when these are the very people that could have made an able and proper coordination with the military for the much needed assistance to repel the Moro rebels at the time the lives of the Fallen 44 were in peril?

PNoy may not want to talk about the Mamasapano massacre anymore, but this issue against him will linger, making him more unpopular and untrustworthy, and is destined, as he has admitted, to go with him to his grave.

(For more interesting read about PNoy, as an individual and as president, I am sharing with you this article published in Sunstar Cebu on March 28, 2015 written by Allan S.B. Batuhan: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/business/2015/03/27/batuhan-i-can-t-stand-sight-him-399890. I could not agree with the author more. I would suppose this is how majority of Filipinos feel about PNoy now. – Q)



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