Resolve Makati two-mayor issue immediately


Makati Mayor Junjun Binay

Makati Mayor Junjun Binay

It is not only the people of Makati that are caught in a bind about who the mayor is of the country’s prime city, but the general public, as well, is confused as to what is happening and why rightful authorities are taking a long time to resolve the two-mayor issue.

As if President Aquino’s denial that he committed lapses in the Mamasapano massacre is not bad enough for the country, now comes another embarrassing act by Makati Mayor Junjun Binay, who, after having been ordered suspended for six months by the Ombudsman over corruption charges in connection with supposed overpricing in the construction of the Makati City Hall Building 2, continues to hold on to his seat of power.

Makati Vice Mayor Romulo "Kid" Peña Jr taking his oath as acting mayor.

Makati Vice Mayor Romulo “Kid” Peña Jr taking his oath as acting mayor.

This after Vice Mayor Romulo “Kid” Peña Jr has already taken his oath as acting mayor and a few hours before Binay received the Court of Appeals’ 60-day temporary restraining order (TRO) against his suspension.

Now it is this TRO that has emboldened Binay to stay glued to his seat, even as Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima claim that Peña is now the acting mayor.

As far as Morales is concerned, her six-month preventive suspension order on Binay already took effect on March 16.

De Lima on the other hand has this to say:

“We are of the opinion that the TRO is without legal force and effect because it is already moot and academic, the acts sought to be restrained having already been performed and accomplished”

“Whether the TRO seeks to restrain the issuance by the Ombudsman of the assailed joint order, or its implementation by the DILG, the same is already moot and academic simply because before they were restrained, the Ombudsman had already issued the joint order and the DILG had already implemented the suspension of Mayor Binay.”

“Simply put, the TRO came too late in the day. There is no other action that is needed on the part of the Ombudsman or the DILG that would amount to its violation or non-observance.”

Despite all the rhetoric, the fact remains that Morales, de Lima and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas have not succeeded in booting out Binay from his position.

The TRO may have emboldened Binay, but what really motivated and compelled him to stay put at the Makati City hall is not to give Roxas the pleasure of seeing him ousted and suspended.

The crux of this hullabaloo is nothing but the worthless Binay family and Roxas political rivalry that is being aired by the Binay’s for expediency, wherever they may find themselves.

The Jejomar Binay-Mar Roxas presidential rivalry is nothing to croak about.

Their individual style of leadership is not what this country needs. It is a waste of time giving them special attention.

What I am just saying is that let not the Office of the Ombudsman and the DOJ be kept hostage by their personal and political enmities.

If these government agencies think they have done the right thing without any doubt and they are the right authorities to order the suspension of erring public officials, then by all means implement the law to the fullest and resolve the Makati two-mayor issue immediately.


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